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Classic Monsters, Horror Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1992-1998
- Monsters of the movies.
- "The magazine of classic horror films and stars like Lugosi, Karloff and Chaney". Also covers the not-so-classics like the supernatural films of the 40s, giant creatures of the 50s, and the great Hammer films of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.
- Publishers: William N. Harrison and Stephen D. Smith
- Schedule as a quarterly publication, 82 b+w (some colour) pages in A4 format.
- Website: www.monsterscene.net

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Issue 11
Winter 1998
MOCKINGBIRD HEIGHTS BABYLON: An in-depth look at THE MUNSTERS, including an interview with ROB ZOMBIE, and articles by producer KEVIN BURNS, and comic book/pop culture nut, GREG HYLAND.
THE ADDAMS FAMILY VS. THE MUNSTERS: The two monster families dual it out in a riveting comparison by MONSTERSCENE'S Bill Harrison.
GOMEZ SPEAKS: An interview with John Astin on The Addams Family, Edgar Allan Poe, and life.
WANNA KNOW WHAT BUFFY DID LAST SUMMER?: An early interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar shortly after the success of Buffy and the release of I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER.
DRUMS OF TERROR: Bryan Senn takes us on a guided tour through sixty-five years of voodoo movies. Zombies!

Issue 10
Summer 1997
THE CURSES OF DR. PHIBES: With rare, possibly never-before-published photos in hand, publisher William Harrison explores the creation of an accidental genre classic and its sequel.
GRAVE RESERVATIONS: Horror Hotel Revisted: William Burns puts a new psychological spin on the low budget classic.
THAT LITTLE MONSTERPIECE: The Tall man, Angus Scrimm, reviews one of the oddest films of 1996, Paul Bunnell's THAT LITTLE MONSTER.
HALLOWEEN: The Happy Haunting of America-Monsterscene regulars Bob Burns and Dan Roebuck, along with Chuck Williams, have created a video celebrating everythingwe love about Halloween.
WELCOME TO THE HELLMOUTH: Our editor introduces readers to the world of America's hottest monster hunter, Bufft the Vampire Slayer.

Issue 9
Fall 1996
THE MODERNIZATION OF MONSTERS - From Abbott and Costello to Young Frankenstein, from the Groovie Goolies to The Monster Force, Monsterscene explores failed and successful attempts to bring classic movie monsters to the present.
THE MAD, MAD MONSTERS OF RANKIN-BASS - Author Rick Goldschmidt offers up a fun history of the monsters from the studio that made our Christmas TV watching worthwhile.
FRANKENSTEIN AND ME - Bryan Senn reviews Robert Tinnell's loving tribute to a childhood rich with monsters.
MASTER OF THE WORD: The Richard Matheson Interview - Paul Riordon's discussion with Matheson provides insight on the man who writes the movies.
U.S. POSTAL HORRORS - Sara Karloff unveils the new horror film legends stamp series.

Issue 8
Summer 1996
A Star Is Unborn: A Look at The Career of One Forrest J. Actor Man!
Carmilla: J. Sheridan Le Fanu and Hammer's Karnstein Trilogy
Universal's Master Make-Up Artist
Vampirella: The Princess of Drakulon Finally Hits the (big?) Screen
The Frighteners: A Review
The Artomic Man: Sculptor Thomas Kuntz Stresses Quality Over Quantity In His Work
Cauldron of Culture and Class: Frankenstein, The Play; Omnimax Special Effects Film
Sleep No More: In The Video Vault: Flesh Gordon; The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari; Blood Countess; The Fabulous Baron Munchausen; Freaked; The Ghost and Mr. Chicken; The X-Files; Species; City of Lost Children; One Million Years B.C.; Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot; Zarkorr! The Invader; Werewolf vs. The Vampire Woman; Kwaidan;
Music To Calm The Savage Beast: Combustible Edison - Schizophonic; Ron Haydock & The Boppers - 99 Chicks; House of Dark Shadows/Night of Dark Shadows Soundtracks; Ultra Lounge Series Vol. 3; Project Infinity; The A-Bones - The Claw/Spooks-A-Poppin'
The Scary Library: A Thousand Faces: Lon Chaney's Unique Artistry In Motion Pictures; Creature Features Movie Guide Strikes Again
The Monster Mall: Mother's Worry/Outlaw With "Robin Hood Fink" Kits; King Kong Kit; Milton The Monster Kit; Batman Forever Vinyl Kits; Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Resin Kits; Princess Ananka Kit; The Batman Series Kits; ID4 - Aliens and attacker Ship Model Kits; Whilce Portacio's Wetworks Toys; Uncle Charlie Puppet

Issue 7
Spring 1996
Visits To The Mind of Ray Harryhausen
Mary Reilly: A Review
Horror Cinema's First Family: Dracula, Daughter and Son
Stinky Cinematic Suppositories: Mystery Science Theater 3000
There Goes Tokyo: The World of Oriental Monsters
Monstrology: Dr.Jon Wang and the Art of Classic Monster Model-Making
Sleep No More: In The Video Vault: Kiss of the Vampire; Faust; The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari; Dark Angel:The Ascent; The Haunted Palace; The Fog; Bride of the Monster; Bride of the Gorilla; Cry of the Banshee; Burn, Witch, Burn; Treasures of the Twilight Zone; The Sinbad Collection; The Day The Earth Stood Still; Abom,inable Dr. Phibes; Dr. Phibes Rises Again
The Scary Library: House of Horror; Limelight:Photographs by James Abbe; Little Orphan Vampires; The Complete Films of Vincent Price; Knights of Terror
The Monster Mall: The Hunchback of Notre Dame Kit; The Muffs Album; The Gillman #1 Kit; Conqueror of Mars Action Figures, Khali Kit; Ogre Kit; The Abduction Kit

Issue 6
Fall 1995
The Phantom's Haunting Ground: The Last Remaining Set From A Lon Chaney Film Turns 70
Malibu After Midnight: The Final Days of Tod Browning
The Munster's. . . Again: Fox Network Halloween Special
XS Corporation Teleportation System Unleashes Extra "Terror"estrial on Un(?)suspecting Humans
Janus Models: John Ulakovic and the Art of Classic Monster-Making
Sleep No More: In The Video Vault: Lon Chaney:Behind The Mask; The Hound of the Baskervilles; The Screaming Skull; The Crawling Eye; Inframan; Last Days of Planet Earth; Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde; The Tingler; Jugular Wine; Night Monsters; Black Friday; Murders In The Zoo; The Black Castle; Nightmare
The Scary Library: Immoral Tales; Burton On Burton; Ed Wood; Weird Business; Sleaze Creatures; Bela Lugosi; Nightwalkers:Gothic Horror Movies, The Modern Era
The Monster Mall: Zacherley CD; Mars Attacks Kit; Godzilla Kit; La Belle Et La Bete Soundtrack; Masque of the Red Death Kit

Issue 5
Summer 1995
The Creatures Who Made The Features - Paul Blaisdell: My Friend The Fiend!; The Fantastic Ron Haydock; Kogar & The Mad Mummy Speak!
Devil's Workshop Do-it-yourself Monster-Making from Masters of Special Effects
Through Time and Space With George Pal
Into The Third Dimension
Gallery of Ghoulishly Cool Covers and Fantastically Foul Fold-Outs
The Fantastic Monsters Scrapbook
Behind The Scenes: The Night the Horror Stars Got Their Kix On Route 66
Dawn Age Beasts: The History of Monster Menaces From Earth's Dim Red Past
In Defense of Horror Films by Vincent Price
The Day She Creature Invaded TV
Ship of the Monsters: South of the Border, Boogey Men Prowl in the Mexican Menace
Sleep No More: In The Video Vault: White Zombie; Embrace of the Vampire; Casper; Ed Wood; The Ed Wood Collection; Ed Wood Collection; The Movies Begin Vol. 1-5; Mexican Monsters On The March; Targets; Lake of Dracula; Evil of Dracula; Journey To The Beginning Of Time; Horror Hotel; The Most Dangerous Game
The Scary Library: Monsters Among Us No.1 1995 Price Guide; Creatur Features Strike Back; Collectible Figure Kits Of The 50's, 60's & 70's Reference and Value Guide
The Monster Mall: Gogos Print Series; Wings Resin Kit; Hammar Horror Trading Cards; Horror Hearse Toys; Drag Nut Kit; Lil' Coffin Kit; Classic Monster Pogs; Spumco Products

Issue 4
March 1995
Silent Screams: Silent Monster Movies
The Frankenstein Files: The Monster's Legacy in the Theatre
Between The Bolts: A "Found" Interview with Boris Karloff
Basil Gogos Sketchbook
Universal's Frankenstein Classics: The Monster, Bride, and Son. . .
Monster Modeller: The Creature From The Black Lagoon; The Phantom of the opera; Model Mania The Video With David Fisher - Vol. 1; Predator 2 Creature
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein or How To Hate A Beautiful Film
Monster Hitz With Fritz
The Monster Mall: Vampirella Trading Cards; Godzilla U.S. Invasion; Universal's Monster Force
Sleep No More: In The Video Vault: The Fall of the House of Usher; Pit and the Pendulum; Herge's The Adventures of Tintin; Santo vs. The Zombies; Circus of Horrors; The Secret of the Mummy; Varan The Unbelievable; Ape; Tales From The Cryptkeeper; Halloween; Night of the Living Dead; Tim Burton's a Nightmare Before Christmas; The Monkey's Uncle; Gargoyles
The Scary Library: Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein; Fearing The Dark:The Val Lewton Career; Batman:Castle of the Bat; The Encyclopedia of Horror Movies; Vampirella Classics #1; Eerie Greatest Hits

Issue 3
Fall 1994
Saturday Morning Monsters: I Was a Captive of the Cartoon Creatures!
White Zombie: An Analysis of the Film Which Turned Bela Lugosi From Rising Star to 'B'-Movie Boogeyman Overnight!
Hammer Horrors: The Dracula Films of Christopher Lee
There Goes Tokyo: The World of Oriental Monsters
Artist Profile: Basil Gogos: The King of "Famous" Monster Art Returns!
At The Signpost Up Ahead . . . The Tower Of Terror!
Living Legends: A History of Tracy The Gorilla, The Mad Mummy, and Major Mars. . .Our Weekend At Bob's!
Sleep No More: In The Video Vault: The Nightmare Before Christmas; The Mad Ghoul; House of Horrors; The Monster and the Girl; Man Made Monster; Island of Terror; The Monolith Monsters; Boris Karloff's Thriller; The Picture of Dorian Gray; The Incredible Melting Man; Scream, Blacula, Scream; Scream and Scream Again; The Masque of the Red Death; X-The Man With X-Ray Eyes; Salem's Lot; Flesh Gordon; Cat People; Necromania.
The Forgotten Prisoner Origin Story Contest
Contemporary Classics Preview: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Monster Force
The Scary Library: Vamps; Dracula:A Symphony In Moonlight and Nightmares; Wolff & Byrd:Counselors of the Macabre; Frazetta:Illustrations Arcanum.
The Monster Mall: Plan 9 Backdrop; 1995 Oddball Comics Calendar; Harryhausen's World; Mary W. Shelley's Frankenstein Monster

Issue 2
June 1994
The Strange World and Wanderings of Popoca, The Aztec Mummy!!!
The Forgotten Prisoner Origin Story Contest
Hey, Group! It's Ghoulardi: A Career Overview and Interview with the Original Cool Ghoul.
Disney World's Haunted Mansion. . . and Beyond!
Contemporary Classics: Subspecies
There Goes Tokyo: The World of Oriental Monsters
Sleep No More: In The Video Vault: The Haunting, Blood and Roses; The Pit and the Pendulum; The Return of Count Yorga; House on Bare Mountain; The Adventures of the Kung-Fu Rascals; A Darkness at Blaisedon; I Walked With A Zombie; Monsters Crash The Pajama Party; Island of Lost Souls
The Merchandising Monster: Universal Monster Vinyl Kits; Lon Chaney 1000 Faces Print; Lon Chaney At Work Resin Kit; Nightmare Before Christmas Action Figures; Big Frank Toy; Micheal H. Price's Hollywood Horrors Card Set.
The Monster Shindig: Man or Astro-Man; Dick Dale-Tribal Thunder; The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack.
65 Monster Hitz With Fritz
The Scary Library: Countess Dracula; Madman Comics #1; Conrad Viedt: From Caligari To Casablanca; Good Tast Gone Bad: The Art of Mitch O'Connell; Lon Chaney: The Man Behind The Thousand Faces; Step Right Up: I'm Gonna Scare The Pants Off America.

Issue 1
October 1992
Kino Video: Preserving An Art Form While Others Try To Do It Cheaper!
The Frankenstein Family Journal: A fictional account of the family based on research done from the original book by Mary Shelley and the Universal studio's Frankenstein films.
Saturday Morning Monsters: Frankenstein Jr. by Scott Shaw!
The Resin Ghouls: Monster Model Kits: Lon Chaney "The Phantom", Barnabas Collins, The Gargoyle, Behind The Curtain, The Forgotten Prisoner. Artist Profile: John Dennett.
Contemporary Classics: Tim Burton and Edward Scissorhands.
Collectible Spotlight: The Rarest Famous Monster Collectible Ever?
Nightmares On Video: Invasion of the Body Snatchers; Doctor X; The Mystery of the Wax Museum; The Giant Gila Monster; Tobor The Great; The Blood Beast Terror; Frankenweenie.
The Comic Crypt: Topp's Dracula; Tales Too Terrible To Tell; Vampirella: Transcending Time and Space; EC Comics Returns.
The Monster Bookshelf: Hollywood Gothic; Author Profile: David J. Skal, Aurora History and Price Guide; Aurora Collection of Classic Instruction Sheets Vol. 1; Second Feature: The Best of the 'B' Films; Son of the Garage Kit That Ate My Wallet; Flying Through Hollywood by the Seat of My Pants.
Night Music: Elvira Presents Haunted Hits; Stateless. . . Plus; Flex. . . Plus; Deltones' Oddball Boy; The Monster Mash Party; Great Dictations; Televisions Greatest Hits 70s & 80s; Original Music From The Addams Family.
Monsters In The News: Spanish Dracula on Telmundo Network; Sci-Fi Channel.

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