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Film Video The Bigger Picture

- First and last issue: December 1996-February 1992
- Covers mainstream movies
- 106 colour A4 pages.

United Kingdom

Ceased publication
Last updated:
8 May 2013

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Issue 26
February 1999

Salma Hayek interview
Don Cheadle & Warren Beatty - Bullworth
Christian Slater interview
Christina Ricci interview
Jason Patric Speed 2
Jaws flashback

Issue 25
January 1999

Rachel Weisz interview
Lock Stock interview with Guy Ritchie, Nick Moran etc
Meatloaf interview
Antonio Banderas story
Catherine Zeta Jones Q&A
Salvador flashback

Issue 24
December 1998

Issue 23
November 1998

Issue 22
October 1998

Issue 21
September 1998

Issue 20
August 1998

Issue 19
July 1998

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Issue 18
June 1998

Tea Leoni interview
Nick Broomfield interview
Drew Barrymore interview
Pedro Almodovar interview
Wild Things film
Elizabeth Berkley Q&A
American Werewolf in London flashback

Issue 17
May 1998

Issue 16
April 1998

Issue 15
March 1998

Issue 14
February 1998

Mark Wahlberg interview
Beatrice Dalle interview
Movies in the 1970's
Frank Serpico story
Christina Ricci Q&A
Trainspotting flashback

Issue 13
January 1998

Paul Verhoeven interview
Heather Graham interview
Bond on film
Sylvester Stallone story and words
Macaulay Culkin story and words
Wesley Snipes Q&A
Easy Rider flashback

Issue 12
December 1997

Issue 11
November 1997

LA Confidential film
Deborah Unger interview
Robert Carlyle interview
Christopher Walken interview
Bollywood report
Cotton Club flashback

Issue 10
October 1997

Ewan McGregor Interview
Elvis in the movies
Titanic Movie - the making of the movie
Richard Pryor story
Steve McQueen in the film Bullitt

Issue 9
September 1997

John Cusack interview
Laurence Fishburne interview
Snuff movies article
Jake La Motta story
Ken Russell The Devils flashback

Issue 8
August 1997

Issue 7
July 1997

Chow Yun Fat interview
The Fifth Element
Burt Reynolds story
Liv Tyler Q&A
Apocalypse Now flashback

Issue 6
June 1997

Issue 5
May 1997

Issue 4
April 1997

Issue 3
March 1997

Issue 2
February 1997

Issue 1
December 1996

Robert Downey Junior countdown to destruction
Jack Nicholson career profile
Tony Scott career profile
War in Movies
Fitzcarraldo flashback

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