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- First and last issue: 1987-2007
- Hollywood movies and stars.
- Covered the top of the American cinema with movie reviews, interviews and articles.
- Editor in chief: Peter Herbst.
- 106 colour A4 pages.
- There is also a Czech , a French , a Russian , a Portugese, and a British version.
- Published by Hachette Filipacchi

Notes: Premiere is closing down

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Issue 192
December 2002
Holiday movie preview: Maid In Manhattan, Solaris, Analyze That, About Schmidt, The Way Home, The Emperor's Club, Friday After Next, Die Another Day, Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights, Treasure Planet, Evelyn.
Reviews: Talk To Her, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Narc, Frida, Interview With The Assassin.
Pedro Almodovar: The legendary Spanish director talks about life after Oscar, Catholic priests, and why he finally decided to grow up - at least for now.
Far From Heaven: A behind-the-scenes look at how a stellar cast, a Technicolor palette, and a Douglas Sirk-inspired tone made Todd Haynes's film so close to perfection.
Adaptation: When director Spike Jonze and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman - the masterminds behind Being John Malkovich - joined cinematic forces with Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep, and Chris Cooper, the result was definitely not your garden variety film.
The devil in Owen Wilson: One wild night with the season's hottest star.
Will the Oscar go to... ?: An exclusive portfolio featuring, Jack Nicholson, Renee Zellweger, Edward Norton, Michael Caine, Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Toronto International Film Festival: The most talked-about movies and the most buzz-worthy stars.
Natascha McElhone: The ghost wife of George Clooney in Steven Soderbergh's sci-fi drama, Solaris.
Star Trek madness: The complete movie DVD guide, Plus Patrick Stewart on Nemesis.

Issue 191
November 2002

Issue 190
October 2002

Issue 189
September 2002
One from the heart: She rose from Mexican soap opera star to Hollywood superstar. For the sultry, savvy Salma Hayek, nothing is too hot to handle.
The ultimate fall movie preview: The annual fall preview offers a behind-the-scenes look at 40 of the season's most magical movies.
Daniel Day Lewis: In Gangs Of New York: The Oscar race begins.
Inside Jacke Chan's killer stunts.
The Russian mafia's Hollywood murders: A tale of movies, murder and the mob.
Reviews: Signs, Possession, One Hour Photo, Secretary, Igby Goes Down.
Neil LaBute: Interview with the writer-director of such movies as Company Of Men and Your Friends & Neighbors.
Heath Ledger talks about facing fears, going to extremes, and knowing when you need a fake beard.
Anjelica Huston proves that ingenues are overrated.

Issue 188
August 2002

Issue 187
July 2002
Tom Cruise: In Steven Spielberg's 'Minority Report' he'll be watched closely, as a detective wanted for a crime not yet committed.
The movie that changed my life: George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Tim Burton, Christina Ricci, Billy Bob Thornton, Edie Falco, and many more reveal all!
Space oddity: The story behind 'Men In Black II.'
Matt Damon's 'Bourne Identity' crisis: An insider's look at what went wrong - and ultimately right - with the making of a summer blockbuster.
Kieran Culkin is making a bid for stardom in two new films.
Nipple checks & acrobats: Backstage Oscar exclusive.
Grace: Catherine Keener and Emily Mortimer dish as only sisters can (OK, screen sisters) about the making of Lovely & Amazing.
Reviews: Windtalkers, Sunshine State, Lilo & Stitch, Lovely & Amazing.
Movie editing: A look at the history of the craft, from the Charlie Chaplin days to the MTV-altered present.
Angela Bassett on why she wants an Oscar, what she loves about acting, and how she keeps herself looking so damned good.

Issue 186
June 2002
Natalie Portman: The beauty of Star Wars: The luminous actress reveals what it's like playing a regal and sensual woman onscreen, and a whipsmart undergrad (with international fame) in real life.
Inside the making of Episode II: Attack Of The clones is blasting into theaters. George Lucas and his team of digital maestros offer the inside scoop on their latest trek into the galaxy far, far away.
Hollywood's new wave: 25 actors, directors, and execs under 35 who own the future: From Heath Ledger to Elijah Wood, Kirsten Dunst to Jennifer Connelly, Wes Anderson to Spike Jonze, and more, some of Hollywood's most influential players are also its youngest.
I was a Hollywood assistant: The assistant to a demanding Hollywood producer gives the hilarious and humiliating account of his first year on the job.
Reviews: About A Boy, Insomnia, The Importance Of Being Earnest, 13 Conversations About One Thing.
Billy Wilder: The director who conquered Hollywood with such films as Double Indemnity, Some Like It Hot, and The Apartment.
In the company of me: For hot young stars like Drew Barrymore and Ryan Phillippe, today's must-have accessory isn't a cell phone or a sports car; it's a producing partner.
Summer movie preview: Premiere's annual preview offers an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the summer's top sizzlers, from Tom Hanks's rough Road to Tom Cruise's new mission, Jennifer Lopez's revenge to Jennifer Aniston's affair. Plus: the season's MVPs: Samuel L. Jackson, Diane Lane, and Aaron Eckhart.

Issue 185
May 2002

Issue 184
April 2002

Issue 183
March 2002

Issue 182
February 2002

Issue 181
January 2002
Ocean's Eleven: From late-night partying with Julia Roberts and Matt Damon to flatulence contests with Brad Pitt, George Clooney had quite a gas making Ocean's Eleven. But when it comes to planning his career, he's serious.
A touch of class: Bob Balaban, an actor-producer, reports from the set of Robert Altman's Gosford Park, a thoroughly British tale of murder, music and social manners.
Never say die: Will Batman spread his wings again? Was that really Indy Jones's last crusade? Should we never say never to another James Bond movie? An inside look at the status of Hollywood franchises.
The Royal Tenenbaums: The director of Rushmore is dishing up a new offbeat comedy - and he's doing it family-style. Meet Wes Anderson, the man behind The Royal Tenenbaums.
Monica Bellucci: Sexy Italian actress has audiences howling over Brotherhood Of The Wolf.
Tatum O'Neil: She's survived a nervous breakdown, a difficult marriage to John McEnroe, and estrangement from her father, and today Oscar winner Tatum O'Neil is getting back into the game with a new leading role.
Oscar finds a new home: A 3,300-seat theater, complete with a grand ballroom, opera boxes, and, of course, a pair of seven-ton elepants.
The Red Hot Center: Hollywood's most powerful women (and Tom Cruise) came together for Premiere'a annual awards luncheon.
United we stand: Throughout Hollywood history, filmmakers from Chaplin to Griffith to Coppola and Friedkin have banded together to gain creative control over their movies. Again and again they have proven that once divided, they fall.
Big game hunting: Forget about the hot books and news hooks: Movie producers are tracking the money trail to video games like Duke Nukem and Resident Evil for sure thing source material.
What lies down under: The Australian suspense-drama Lantana digs deep to find the tragedy and truth in love and marriage.

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