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- Began in November 1972 as Mediascene.
- Published by writer-artist-historian Jim Steranko.
- A source of showbiz news, views, and previews.

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Issue 92
PREVUE PIN-UP SPECIAL 2 explores the Jungle Queen mystique in a lavish fotofolio featuring TV's Sheena, Irish McCalla; the sultry She-Cats of the Pulps; and a bust-out interview with B-film superbabe Michelle Bauer on the set of Dinosaur Island! Plus sizzling pictorial profile of stripper Tempest Storm, Holly Hunter, Michelle Pfeiffer, Traci Lords, Maria Ford, movie previews, more!

Issue 91

Issue 90
March 1993

Issue 89
SPECIAL HORROR ISSUE! Exclusive, first-person, triple-length account of Dracula's transformation from experimental film to Gothic epic, by PREVUE editor Jim Steranko, who was hired by Francis Ford Coppola as the film's creative consultant includes memos and meeting transcripts not available from any other source. Also Monique Gabrielle layout, Sam Raimi's Army of Darkness, and Daniel Day-Lewis interview.

Issue 88
August 1992
BATMAN RETURNS: Seven-Part Spectacular! Comprehensive on-location report through every aspect of its production with behind-the-scenes interviews with all the major filmmakers and great pictorial plus interviews with Alec Baldwin, bodacious Becky LeBeau, and animator Ralph Bakshi; Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Tom Selleck, Dana Carvey, Sigourney Weaver, and Marlon Brando.

Issue 87
March/April 1992

Issue 86
January/February/March 1992

Issue 85
THE TOUGHEST MEN IN HOLLYWOOD! Out-for-justice expose of the real Steven Seagal; martial artist Brandon Lee discusses film and his father; Linda Hamilton; Arnold Schwarzenegger recaps T2; Hulk Hogan; Gene Hackman; Kevin Costner; Matt Dillon; Danny Glover; Tom Selleck; Nick Nolte in Cape Fear and Prince of Tides; Kathy Ireland; Demi Moore; Star Trek V preview; wild Penn & Teller interview; Maria Ford.

Issue 84
EXPLOSIVE ROCKETEER ISSUE! Massive twelve-part, photo-filled Rocketeer report, crammed with moment-by-moment replays of complex stunt executions, near-tragic foul-ups, and funny on-set escapades, starring Bill Campbell, Jennifer Connelly, and Timothy Dalton; on set with Kevin Costner hitting the bullseye in Robin Hood; James Coburn sums up his cinematic reemergence; Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Issue 83
April 1991

Issue 82
Dec.'90/January/February/March 1991
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HOLLYWOOD HEAVYWEIGHTS! Sylvester Stallone slugs it out in Rocky V; Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather III, starring Andy Garcia and Al Pacino; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Robert Redford; Meryl Streep interview; behind-the-scenes with Mel Gibson in Hamlet; Joe Stefano on Psycho; a conversation with Sean Connery; Robert DeNiro & Robin Williams; Paul Hogan; Bob Hoskins; Clint Eastwood & Charlie Sheen; Dan Aykryod, John Candy & Demi Moore.

Issue 81
SPECIAL MEN OF ACTION ISSUE! On set with Tom Selleck; Sylvester Stallone; Mickey Rourke; Jack Nicholson; Sean Connery and Michelle Pfeiffer in The Russia House; unmasking interview of Darkman director Sam Raimi; Al Pacino in The Godfather III; Cher; profile of Keifer Sutherland; Robert DeNiro in Martin Scorsese's GoodFellas; a chuckle-filled closeup of Whoopi Goldberg; Mel Gibson; Don Johnson; Clint Eastwood.

Issue 80
SPECIAL: SUPER SUMMER HITS! Arnold Schwarzenegger sees red in Total Recall; breathless interview with Madonna; Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder; Bruce Willis tackles Die Hard 2; Michael J. Fox interview; Warren Beatty in Dick Tracy; Harrison Ford is Presumed Innocent; plus Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr., Peter Weller, and Joe Dante on Gremlins 2.

Issue 79
April 1990
SPECIAL ALL-WOMAN SPECTACULAR! Goldie Hawn shares the cover with Mel Gibson and are followed by interviews and profiles with Jane Fonda, Traci Lords, Meryl Streep, Shirley MacLaine, Nancy Allen, Kathleen Turner, Anne Archer, Jodie Foster, Glenn Close, Kelly McGillis, Phoebe Cates, Theresa Russell, Sally Kirkland, Belinda Carlisle, and B queen Brinke Stevens.

Issue 78
January 1990
SPECIAL ALL-STAR INTERVIEW ISSUE! Sean Connery speaks out; Tom Cruise is Born on the Fourth of July; Hollywood charmer KC Winkler exposed; Clint Eastwood in White Hunter, Black Heart; Paul Newman; Sally Field; Sylvester Stallone & Kurt Russell in Tango & Cash; Meryl Streep & Roseanne Barr; Willem Dafoe; the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles exit their shells in an extensive, behind-the-scenes report.

Issue 77
SCREAM QUEENS, STRIPPERS & SHOOT-OUTS! Hot Linnea Quigley cover and photo layout; Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman, Matthew Broderick; Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias; Paul Newman ignites Blaze; Jane Fonda and Jimmy Smits; Michael Douglas in Black Rain; Christopher Walken; Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor; Robert Englund; Robert DeNiro and Sean Penn; Tom Selleck; Mickey Rourke as Johnny Handsome; upbeat interview with Bo Diddley.

Issue 76
EXCLUSIVE BATMAN COVERAGE! Special four-part, photo-packed expose of the Caped Crusader's most explosive adventure, starring Michael Keaton, Kim Basinger, and Jack Nicholson; Kate Capshaw dances and romances in Black Rain; interview with Michael Biehn; Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon 2; Tom Hanks; Stallone; behind-the-scenes with Spielberg's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Issue 75
April/May/June 1989
SUPERWOMEN OF CINEMA! Manhunting with Sybil Danning in LA Bounty; Alison Doody does her duty in Spielberg's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade; Nancy Mette; Amanda Pays battles underwater Leviathan; Maria Ford uncovered in Stripped to Kill II; Talisa Soto in Licence to Kill;Sigourney Weaver busts out in Ghostbusters; Kim Basinger steams up Batman; a revealing profile of working girl Melanie Griffith.

Issue 74
Dec.'88/January/February/March 1989
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COMING ATTRACTION ACTION! Mel Gibson; Arnold & Danny DeVito team as Twins; face-kicking conversation with Jean-Claude Van Damme; Nick Nolte; Kathleen Turner; Timothy Dalton earns his Licence to Kill; Cybill Shepherd; Robert Englund; interview with Working Girl's Harrison Ford; John Travolta; Patrick Swayze; Tom Selleck and Paulina; Kelly McGillis; Don Johnson; Ken Russell; Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley fire The Naked Gun.

Issue 73
October/November/December 1988
HOLLYWOOD UNCOVERED! Pin-up packed, double-length dialogue with Elvira; Mel Gibson shines in Tequila Sunrise; Patrick Swayze; Matt Dillon; a spine-tingling talk with Freddy Krueger aka Robert Englund; Dolph Lundgren in Red Scorpion; penetrating profile of Paul Hogan; Sigourney Weaver; fast rap with Chuck Norris; Don Johnson; Charles Bronson; Rebecca DeMornay; Kathleen Turner in The Accidental Tourist; Meryl Streep.

Issue 72
July 1988
SUMMER FILM EDITION! Arnold Schwarzenegger in Red Heat; Sylvester Stallone in Rambo III; profile of David Bowie; Cher shares her career; Spielberg and Who Framed Roger Rabbit; Eddie Murphy in Coming to America; Pee-Wee Herman profile; Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee; Kevin Costner in Bull Durham; Michelle Pfeiffer; Clint Eastwood; Jeff Bridges; Joe Piscopo; Bruce Willis in Die Hard; and much more!

Issue 71
ALL-INTERVIEW ISSUE! The ABC's of Michael Jackson; Steven Seagal talks tough; George Lucas conjures Willow; Sherilyn Fenn; Don Johnson; Bruce Willis; River Phoenix; Changing Channels with Kathleen Turner, Burt Reynolds, Christopher Reeve; a spirited chat with Beetlejuice's Geena Davis; Hope Marie Carlton uncovered; Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity with Brinke Stevens; Gene Hackman; Patrick Swayze.

Issue 70
Dec./January/February/March 1988
CINEMA SIRENS & SCREEN CHAMPIONS! Sizzling Sybil Danning cover and pin-up calendar! Sylvester Stallone interview; Linda Kozlowski; behind-the-scenes with Spielberg's Empire of the Sun; hot Madonna interview; Bruce Willis; Goldie Hawn; conversation with Catherine Mary Stewart; a long talk with Martin Short; Michael Keaton and Geena Davis in Beetlejuice; Cher in Moonstruck; Jack Nicholson; Meryl Streep; on location with Robocop's Peter Weller.

Issue 69
October 1987
ALL-WOMAN ISSUE! Behind-the-scenes with The Witches of Eastwick; Sybil Danning pictorial; Madonna in Who's That Girl? Mariel Hemingway interview; Nancy Allen on location in Robocop; Diane Lane in The Big Town; Jami Gertz in The Lost Boys; Phoebe Cates; Kim Basinger in Nadine; Elizabeth Taylor; Valerie Perrine; Ann-Margret; Ally Sheedy; Lisa Bonet; Meg Ryan; more!

Issue 68
PIN-UPS & POWERHOUSES! Mel Gibson on location in Lethal Weapon; Don Johnson on violence and vice; Timothy Dalton in The Living Daylights; Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger in Blind Date; Sean Connery, Kevin Costner in The Untouchables; Christopher Reeve in Superman IV; Michael J. Fox; Playmate Shannon Tweed; Talia Shire; Edward Woodward; La Bamba; The Barbarian Brothers; Masters of the Universe; Stripped to Kill.

Issue 67
April 1987
SUPERSTAR PROJECTS! Star Trek IV: Leonard Nimoy interview; Timothy Dalton: the new Bond; Eddie Murphy raises hell with The Golden Child; Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge; Sylvester Stallone in Over the Top; Richard Gere and Kim Basinger in No Mercy; Charlie Sheen in Platoon; Charles Bronson in Assassination; Season Hubley's tricks of the trade; Billy Dee Williams; Ashley Ferrare; Rutger Hauer; Coming Attractions.

Issue 66
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BEHIND-THE-SCENES SPECIAL! Tom Cruise, Paul Newman in The Color of Money; Harrison Ford in Mosquito Coast; George Takei on Star Trek IV; Blue Velvet's David Lynch interview; Melody Anderson on Chuck Norris and Firewalker; on the set of Little Shop of Horrors; Kathleen Turner; Roy Scheider, Ann-Margret; Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster; Shirley MacLaine; Robert DeNiro; Joan Chen; Trick or Treat; King Kong Lives; Sky Bandits; more!

Issue 65
August 1986
ALL-STAR INTERVIEW ISSUE! Robert Redford; Jack Nicholson; Kurt Russell; Aliens director James Cameron; Walter Matthau; Tony Perkins; Lois Hamilton; Karen Black; Under the Cherry Moon's Kristin Scott Thomas; Richard Chamberlain in The Lost City of Gold; Madonna and Sean Penn in Shanghai Surprise; Wendy O. Williams in Reform School Girls; Robert DeNiro in The Mission; Lois Hamilton cover

Issue 64
BATTLE OF THE CINEMA STARS! Showdown: Stallone vs. Schwarzenegger; Tom Cruise in Legend; Kurt Russell in Big Trouble in Little China; Rob Lowe and Demi Moore in About Last Night; Charles Bronson in Murphy's Law; David Bowie in Absolute Beginners; James Woods in Salvador; Melanie Griffith in Cherry 2000; Laurene Landon: rapid-fire rap; Angel Tompkins interview; Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive; Invaders From Mars.

Issue 63
February 1986
ALL-WOMAN ISSUE! Sybil Danning cover and photo layout; intimate conversation with Meryl Streep; Kathleen Turner goes wild; Wendy O. Williams: skull-ripping rap; Caroline Munro close-up; Glenn Close on stardom's edge; Mariel Hemingway reaches for her legend; Sylvia Kristel as Mata Hari; Daryl Hannah in Clan of the Cave Bear; Lee Marvin, Chuck Norris in The Delta Force; Rutger Hauer in The Hitcher.

Issue 62
December-Feb 1985
ACTION FILM SHOWCASE! Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone in King Solomon's Mines; Robert Redford and Meryl Streep in Out of Africa; Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV; Michael Douglas interview; Charles Bronson in Death Wish 3; Gene Hackman and Matt Dillon in Target; Chuck Norris; Jane Fonda; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Steven Spielberg's Young Sherlock Holmes; Naked Edge director Richard Marquand interviewed;

Issue 61
September 1985
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MAD MAX AND BEYOND! Exclusive double-length interview with Mad Max 3 director George Miller; Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories; Dynastic conversation with Linda Evans and John Forsythe; Fred Ward as Remo Williams; Jessica Lange in Sweet Dreams; Tom Hanks, John Candy in Volunteers; Madonna; Kelly LeBrock; Sally Field and James Garner; Michael Keaton; George Romero profile; Terry Gilliam's Brazil; The Black Cauldron.

Issue 60
July 1985
SWORDS, SORCERY, SCIENCE FICTION! Mel Gibson and Tina Turner in Mad Max 3; Clint Eastwood in Pale Rider; Sylvester Stallone as Rambo; Katharine Hepburn profile; Red Sonja's Brigitte Nielsen interviewed; Joe Dante on Explorers; Richard Donner on The Goonies; Sting and Jennifer Beals in The Bride; Chevy Chase as Fletch; Roger Moore's Bond vs. Tanya Roberts, Grace Jones in View To A Kill; SF thriller Lifeforce; Day of the Dead.

Issue 59
BABES & BRAWLERS! Super Sybil Danning pictorial interview; Mel Gibson in Mad Max 3; Harrison Ford in Witness; Sylvester StalIone as Rambo; Roger Moore as Bond in View To A Kill; heavy metal master Gene Simmons raps; Invasion of the V Girls; Daryl Hannah in Clan of the Cave Bear; Tawny Kitaen as Gwendoline; Burt Reynolds in Stick; Michelle Pfeiffer and Rutger Hauer in Ladyhawke; Power Players of Dune; Day of the Dead.

Issue 58
February 1985
KILLER THRILLERS! Tom Selleck in Runaway; Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop; Richard Gere in The Cotton Club; Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek in The River; Melanie Griffith in Fear City; Dune director David Lynch reveals his film strategy; John Carpenter on the set of Starman; a hot rap with Tina Turner; Shelley Long speaks candidly; Stacy Keach as Mike Hammer; Michael Keaton; Christopher Reeve; 2010; Supergirl.

Issue 57
BIG INTERVIEW SPECIAL! A pulse-pounding parlay with Conan the Destroyer's woman warrior, Grace Jones; Godfather of Film John Huston interview; Rod Steiger on his pain and passion; George Segal on Burt Reynolds and bravado; on location with Tanya Roberts as Sheena; Jamie Lee Curtis in Grandview U.S.A.; Roger Moore in The Naked Face; Clint Eastwood in Tightrope; Frank Herbert on Dune; Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

Issue 56
ON THE SET WITH INDIANA JONES! Harrison Ford in a blockbuster full-color 12-page pictorial on the making of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; behind-the-scenes of Walter Hill's Streets of Fire with Michael Pare and Diane Lane; Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver on the set of Ghostbusters; a wild romp with Laurene Landon; getting Gremlins on fiIm; the Master Builders of Dune; Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan

Issue 55
May 1984
ALL-WOMAN ISSUE! Sizzling Sybil Danning pictorial interview; on location with Brooke Shields in Sahara; Jessica Lange interview; Jane Seymour behind-the-scenes with Tom Selleck in Lassiter; Jennifer Jason Leigh tells how bad girl makes good; Cynthia Sikes' RX: Burt Reynolds; Tanya Roberts as Sheena; Indiana Jones and the Serial Queens; Rebel Mistress of Dune; Girls of TV's 20 Minute Workout.

Issue 54
Dec.'83/January 1984
BOND IS BACK! Never Say Never Again: Sean Connery tells why he said Never Again to Bond's most dangerous mission; sultry assassin Barbara Carrera profiled; Billy Dee Williams' rogue's eye view of Star Wars; illustrated Frazetta Fire and Ice interview; Robert Hays explains his compulsion for success; Cliff Robertson interview; Tom Selleck as Lassiter; King and Carpenter's Christine; The Right Stuff; Dune.

Issue 53
SCIENCE FICTION EXPLOSION! Mark Hamill bids farewell to the Force in a final double-length interview; Nicholas Meyer after Star Trek: The Day After; Loni Anderson pictorial profile; Mr. T talks--and you listen; Monty Python's Terry Jones confesses; undercover with the girls of Octopussy; Graham Chapman and fellow Pythons in Yellowbeard; Phoebe Cates graduates from Private School; Dune; Jaws 3-D; video games.

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