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The Magazine Of Horror Entertainment
Horror Monthly Magazine from London ,United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1992-2007
- Started as bi-monthly mag focusing in Euro horror.
- Twelve issues were published from 1992 to 1994.
- After six months break the 13th issue came December 1994 with a new editor (David Miller instead of Alan Jones).
- 56 colour A4 pages.
- Published by Visual Imagination
- Website: www.visimag.com/index.htm

Last updated:
31 July 2022
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Issue 132
March/April 2007
Dead Silence Exclusive! - We go behind the scenes of the new movie from Saw director James Wan
Hannibal Rising Exclusive! - Meet the young face of the young Hannibal Lecter. We talk to French actor Gaspard Ulliel about playing the infamous murderer
Pan's Labyrinth Exclusive - We take a backstage look at the Horror Fantasy film with the team behind the magical make-up effects, plus an exclusive chat with director Guillermo Del Toro!
The Hills Have Eyes 2 Exclusive! - Horror director Wes Craven talks about making this sequel even more frightening!
Turistas On Set! - We go on set to talk to the cast of the new Horror film about facing terrors in Brazil!
American Gothic - 60 years of classic Horror cinema in one book. What more could one want? We talk to author Jonathan Rigby
The Ferryman - Actor John Rhys Davies on his new old-school Horror shocker
The Messengers - Actress Kristin Stewart chats about her role in the Pang Brothers' creepy new film!
International Make-up Trade Fair - We report from the world's biggest annual make-up fair, featuring Pan's Labyrinth
Severance - Actor and director Andy Nyman joins us to discuss his recent Horror movie hit
Poster - We celebrate the release of Dead Silence with the star of the movie, Killer Doll!
Opinion - 'Besides undervaluing and misconstruing Stoker's material, this Dracula does everything by halves.' Kim Newman has his say on the BBC's recent adaptation.
The Fright of Your Life - And Jonathan Rigby takes a nostalgic look back at the cinematic past of the world's most famous Vampire
The Pitt of Horror - Resident actress and Horror expert Ingrid Pitt gives an insightful recount the horrors of the real-life Hannibal Lecter
With Reviews
- Books - The latest literary offerings for the genre, including The Keeper by Sarah Langan and The Toyminator by Robert Rankin
- Films - The latest Horror flicks including Them, Turistas and The Return
- DVD - New Horror DVDs including The Innocents, Quay Brothers and A for Andromeda
And more...

Issue 131
January/February 2007
Masters of Horror 2 Exclusive On Set! - We join Wrong Turn director Rob Schmidt, and also meet writer John Esposito!
Sitges Film Festival - Alan Jones reports from the influential Spanish Fantasy and Horror Film Festival, highlighting some of the lesser-known genre items coming your way...
The Disturbed Exclusive - We meet director/producer Daniel Armstrong.
Dark Corners Exclusive! - Actress Thora Birch talks about her dual role in her first fully-fledged Horror movie!
Sisters Exclusive! - Director Douglas Buck discusses his take on this remake of Brian De Palma's classic shocker.
Upcoming Films for 2007 - A look at some of the mainstream Horrors due for the New Year including Black Christmas, The Hitcher and 28 Weeks Later.
Nigel Kneale - Shivers pays tribute to the creator of Quatermass who died recently, and takes a look at Kneale's prophetic television plays.
Poster - As a tribute to Nigel Kneale, we celebrate his chilling serial Quatermass and the Pit.
Opinion - 'I can honestly say Nigel Kneale changed my life...' Kim Newman presents a personal reminiscence of the TV pioneer.
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses a classic moment from Horror history - this issue, a lonesome cow-boy in Tobe Hooper's The Funhouse.
The Pitt of Horror - Actress and Horror expert Ingrid Pitt reports on the fantastic costumes and dancing robots at a bumper family Hallowe'en festival in Sheffield!
With Reviews
- Books - All the latest Horror literature including T M Wright's wonderful A Manhattan Ghost Story, and a collection of Horror short stories Shrouded in Darkness. Plus a special interview with Darren Shan on his scary books for younger readers!
- Films - New movies including Saw 3, the return of the Blood Countess in Stay Alive and Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.
- DVD - New Horror DVDs including Event Horizon, new and old versions of The Omen, Masters of Horror, a Hammer Box Set and Don't Look Now.
And more...

Issue 130
November/December 2006
Features Pan's Labyrinth Director Interview Exclusive! - Director Guillermo Del Toro tells why his heart-tugging new Fantasy film, is his most personal work yet Robert Englund Exclusive! - Modern cinema's 'Titan of Terror' talks about his new films, including Hatchet, Behind the Mask and Heartstopper Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Set Report Exclusive! - On the set with stars Jordana Brewster, Andrew Bryniarski and R Lee Ermey Saw 3 Exclusive! - Come behind the scenes on the third shocker in the Saw series! The Ferryman Exclusive! - John Rhys Davies stars in this new Horror from New Zealand! Puritan Exclusive! - We meet director Hadi Hajaig and star Nick Moran to talk about their new independent British film The Bride of Frankenstein - Jonathan Rigby looks back at the Universal classic in an exclusive preview of his forthcoming book American Gothic Dark Shadows - All about the beloved Gothic soap opera, plus the making of a new series of audio plays featuring the original cast! Evil Aliens Exclusive - Director Jake West on his blood-splattered '80s Horror homage, now on DVD 2001 Maniacs Exclusive - Tim Sullivan on directing his 'splatstick' cult movie starring Robert Englund, and his new project Driftwood Fright Fest 2006 - A review of all the films from the recent London Horror and Fantasy Film Festival! Plus Opinion - Kim Newman on the animated monster rally Batman versus Dracula! The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses a classic moment from Horror history - this issue, George C Scott in The Changeling The Pitt of Horror - Actress and Horror expert Ingrid Pitt looks at the crimes of a chilling pair of serial killers in Stockholm! Poster - For your wall - the fantastic faun from Guillermo Del Toro's weird and wonderful new film Pan's Labyrinth with news and TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 129
September/October 2006
Features The Wicker Man Exclusive - Acclaimed director Neil LaBute on the remake of one of the greatest Horror films of all time: Severance Exclusive - Chris Smith (director of Creep) on his new British Horror film The Covenant Set Visit! - We hear from director Renny Harlin Masters of Horror 2 - We meet directors Mick Garris, Tobe Hooper, Stuart Gordon and Joe Dante Lady in the Water - Director M Night Shyamalan, actors Paul Giamatti and Bryce Dallas Howard talk about their new film Nightmares & Dreamscapes Set Visit! - Behind the scenes of the new Stephen King anthology series starring William Hurt, Greta Scacchi and William H Macy Plus Poster - Nic Cage is Edward Maulis, facing the terrifying secret of Summersisle in the new version of The Wicker Man Opinion - Kim Newman continues his examination of recent Vampire movies that have been released on DVD, including Vlad and Way of the Vampire The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses a classic moment from Horror history - this issue, the Vampire attacks in Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt on the recording of a riotous DVD commentary for Countess Dracula and some forthcoming Hammer merchandise With Reviews - Books - All the latest Horror literature including Christopher Moore's Practical Demonkeeping and Sergei Lukyanenko's Russian epic The Night Watch - Films - Including Severance, the remake of The Omen, Reeker, Ju-On: The Grudge 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - DVD - A wealth of new DVDs including Hostel, The Hills Have Eyes, Angel Heart, two outrageous Jess Franco Frankenstein movies and TV chills in Dark Season and Century Falls And more...

Issue 128
July/August 2006
Features The Omen - Everything you need to know about the new remake - Writer Dan McDermott tells why the apocalyptic fable is even more relevant today - Make-up artists Matthew Mungle and Chris Burgoyne explain the new techniques in the film's grisly deaths Malcolm McDowell Exclusive - The actor takes on the terrifying role of the Russian cannibal Evilenko Reeker Behind the Scenes Exclusive! - We meet Dave Payne, writer and director of the new Horror film Tribute to Val Guest We remember the director of Quatermass Xperiment, The Day The Earth Caught Fire and more Saturn Awards for Horror - We report from the recent Saturn Awards, which saw Horror film The Exorcism of Emily Rose honoured, and an award for Eli Roth! Plus Poster - The stare of the Antichrist, Damien Thorn, from the terrifying new version of The Omen Opinion - Kim Newman looks at the recent spate of Vampire movies on DVD and finds some are better than expected... The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses a classic moment from Horror history - this issue, Laird Cregar as The Lodger The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt revisits Wigtown in Scotland for a Wicker Man celebration with director Robin Hardy With Reviews - Books - All the latest Horror literature including novella More Than Life Itself, a wealth of star contributors to Cinema Macabre, and a collection of short stories, Black Juice - Films - Including Silent Hill, Slither and When A Stranger Calls - DVD - A wealth of new DVDs including The Rocky Horror Picture Show and follow-up Shock Treatment, The Fly box set, Funny Man, The Dead Next Door and Flesh for Frankenstein And more...

Issue 127
May/June 2006
Features Silent Hill Set Report - We meet director Christophe Gans, the genius behind The Brotherhood of the Wolf Hostel We meet up with Cabin Fever director Eli Roth Reverb Set Report - We talk to director Eitan Arrusi Supernatural + Poster! - We meet director Kim Manners, a veteran of The X-Files, now putting Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles through their paces Dan Curtis and Darren McGavin - We pay a special tribute to Dark Shadows producer Dan Curtis and Carl Kolchak himself, actor Darren McGavin Tsai Chin: Part 2 - The actress continues her reminiscences on her role as Fu Manchu's daughter in the cult movies with Christopher Lee! Plus Opinion - Kim Newman considers how the notion of a 'Lost World' - hopefully populated by dinosaurs - appealed to writers such as Rider Haggard, Conan Doyle and Dennis Wheatley The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses a classic moment from Horror history - this issue, Mario Bava's Blood and Black Lace The Pitt of Horror - Actress Ingrid Pitt looks at the case of a randy Reverend who met a nasty fate! With Reviews - Books - All the latest Horror literature including Graham Masterton's The Devil in Gray plus an interview with David Morrell on his chilling new novel Creepers - Films - Including Final Destination 3, a remake of The Hills Have Eyes, Eli Roth's Hostel and The Dark - DVD - The special edition treatment for two George Romero classics - Day of the Dead and Martin, plus a lavish Planet of the Apes box set, The Ordeal, The Other, Masters of Horror and Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks And more...

Issue 126
March/April 2006
Features When A Stranger Calls Set Report - Meet director Simon West and young star Camilla Belle on the set of this classic thriller remake Supernatural Star interview - We take a look at the new Horror TV series that is setting the schedules alight and talk to rising star Jared Padalecki, who plays ghost-hunter Dean Winchester Tsai Chin on Fu Manchu Exclusive! - The internationally acclaimed actress breaks her silence to give her first ever interview on her role as Fu Manchu's devilish daughter in the cult Sixties films Slither Set Report - We visit the set of the new gross-out Horror to meet director James Gunn (Dawn of the Dead) and star Michael Rooker Cry Wolf - Director Jeff Wadlow talks about his stylish new teen thriller Underworld Evolution - More from director Len Wiseman on his epic saga Plus Opinion - Kim Newman looks at the ill-fated TV remake of Kolchak: The Night Stalker starring Stuart Townsend The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses a classic moment from Horror history - this month, Farmer Vincent's cannibal antics in Motel Hell The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt investigates the terrible tale of Eban Jarman, a bloodthirsty rival to the Demon Barber Sweeney Todd! With 8 pages of reviews - Books - All the latest Horror literature including Simon Clark's The Tower, a celebration of zombies in The Book of the Dead and Graham Joyce's Black Dust - Films - Including Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and a remake of John Carpenter's classic The Fog - DVD - Including The Devil's Rejects, Candyman, The Frighteners, a new modern version of Frankenstein, the original Godzilla and Land of the Dead - TV - The conclusion of Hex Season 2 And more...

Issue 125
January/February 2006
Underworld: Evolution Set Report - We visit the set of the blockbusting Vampires-versus-Werewolves sequel. Plus we talk to director Len
Wiseman about his new breed of Werewolves!
Saw II - We meet director Darren Lynn Bousman and Saw creator Leigh Whannell
John Fawcett and The Dark - An interview with the director of Ginger Snaps on his new film
The Roost - We meet newcomer director Ti West, who reveals the influences on his d?but Horror film
When A Stranger Calls Set Visit - Producer John Davis gives us a preview of his remake of the classic 1979 chiller
Sitges Report - We look at the newest Horrors that shocked and surprised 'em at the annual festival, including MirrorMask, Hard Candy, Lemming and The Nun
Horror Preview 2006 - We anticipate some of the forthcoming scary movies for 2006, including Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Origin, Bloodrayne and Final Destination 3!
Opinion - Kim Newman considers 'religion on trial' in the surprise Horror hit The Exorcism of Emily Rose
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses a classic moment from Horror history - this month, Georges Franju's French shocker Les Yeux sans Visage
The Pitt of Horror - Globe-trotting actress Ingrid Pitt looks at Russian Fairy Tales and their influence on Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
Poster - Beautiful Death-Dealer Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and a scary Werewolf feature in our Underworld: Evolution poster
With 13 pages of reviews
- Books - Including Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys, Dean Koontz's new take on the Frankenstein myth and Steven Savile's Angel Road
- Films - Including Saw II, Doom, Corpse Bride and Night Watch
- DVD - Including sexy Jean Rollin box set, the Region 2 King Kong comes up short, plus Skeleton Key, Dark Water, The Hunger
- TV - More High School witchcraft in Hex and the troubling world of the spirits in Afterlife
And more...

Issue 124
November/December 2005
Top 50 Frighteners - To celebrate the spooky season, we present the Shivers countdown of the Greats of the Horror world!
The Fog On-Set Interview - Selma Blair and Tom Welling talk about their roles in the remake of John Carpenter's classic movie
Masters of Horror Directors' Forum - Directors John Landis, Stuart Gordon, Joe Dante and Mick Garris discuss their work on the new TV Horror anthology series
FrightFest 2005 Review - A look at some of the Horrors on offer at London's Premier Horror film festival, including Dead Meat, Evil Aliens, Contagium and more, plus a guest appearance by zombie maestro George Romero!
David Cronenberg - The legendary director talks about his new projects - including A History of Violence
30 Horror DVDs You Must Own! - All the DVDs we think you'll need for a frightfully good Horror movie collection
Opinion - Kim Newman remembers writers John Brosnan and Tom Hutchinson, who died recently
The Fright of Your Life - We choose a classic moment from Horror history. This month, a look back at Humphrey Bogart's only Horror role in The Return of Dr X
The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt considers sex in the cinema and Hollywood's famous Hays code that censored films in the 1930s
Poster - Celebrating four classic frighteners of the cinema screen!
with news and TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 123
September/October 2005
Masters of Horror - Director Mick Garris talks about his new US TV Horror anthology that unites great genre directors including John Carpenter, John Landis, George Romero, Dario Argento
Hex Set Visit - We meet new stars Laura Pyper and Joseph Beattie, and discover the Special Effects secrets!
The Cave - Stars Rick Ravanello and Daniel Dae Kim on the subterranean shocker
The Devil's Rejects - Director Rob Zombie about his new Horror extravaganza
FrightFest DVD - Irish zombie movie Dead Meat launches a scary new DVD label
Wolf Creek - Greg McLean, director of the no-holds-barred Horror film they're calling ' the Outback Texas Chain Saw Massacre' , talks to Shivers!
The Corpse Bride - A photo preview of Tim Burton's new animated feature
Opinion - From Arthur Holmwood to Henry Clerval, Kim Newman considers the worst role in Horror movies!
The Fright of Your Life - Another classic Horror moment from Horror history - this month, Peter Cushing in Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt visits Dublin to celebrate Bram Stoker in a new museum dedicated to the writer, then jets off to New York to star in a new movie with Tom Savini!
Poster - She's a ghoul after the editor's own heart... the star of The Corpse Bride
With 9 pages of reviews
- Books - New Horror writing Hotel Midnight and Another War plus a reprint of Stephen Gallagher's classic Valley of Lights
- Films - A bumper crop of recent cinema releases including The Devil's Rejects, Dark Water, Spirit Trap and Skeleton Key, plus Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and War of the Worlds
- DVD - Recent DVD releases including Seed of Chucky, The Machinist, Chronicles of Riddick, The Twilight Zone, Scooby-Doo and Dario Argento's Trauma
And more...

Issue 122
July/August 2005
The Cave - We visit the spectacular Bucharest set of the thrilling new Horror movie and meet director Bruce Hunt
Dominion: The Exorcist Prequel - Director Paul Schrader began work on a prequel to The Exorcist but was dropped by the producers and the film was re-shot. Now, however, his version is being released. We spoke to Schrader before the storm...
George A Romero's Land of the Dead - We continue our in-depth interview with zombiemeister George A Romero on the set of his new film
The Skeleton Key - We meet director Iain Softley on the location of his spooky new movie and also talk to star Kate Hudson
The Descent - More thoughts from director Neil Marshall, responsible for the hit werewolf movie Dog Soldiers
Tobe Hooper - The acclaimed director of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and The Toolbox Muders talks to us about his new projects!
Opinion - Writer Kim Newman looks at the new season of Doctor Who and finds there's life in the old Time Lord yet!
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses another classic chilling moment from Horror history - this issue, the Cat creeps in The Cat and the Canary from 1927
The Pitt of Horror - Actress and Horror expert Ingrid Pitt continues her examination of scary fairy tales with a look at the cautionary tales of Dr Heinrich Hoffmann in Struwwelpeter
Poster - Eddie Cibrian faces the monster in the shadows in The Cave
7 pages of reviews, including
- Books - New Horror and Fantasy literature including Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's MirrorMask, Tim Lebbon's Desolation and Richard Laymon's The Glory Bus
- Films - Recent cinemas releases including The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse, The Descent, Batman Begins and Seed of Chucky
- DVD - including a new TV version of Frankenstein, the recent Horror movies Boogeyman and Hide and Seek, Angel compilations and a re-release of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
And more...

Issue 121
June 2005
George A Romero's Land of the Dead - After two sequels and a break of nearly 20 years, director George A Romero delivers the fourth chapter in his zombie saga. Shivers was exclusively on set to meet the director and watch the zombie mayhem
Asia Argento, Daughter of Darkness - The daughter of director Dario Argento, plays a starring role as a zombie-killer in Land of the Dead, and spoke to Shivers on set!
House of Wax - More pictures from the new version of the classic Horror,plus a look back at the previous incarnations of this film shocker!
The Return of Doctor Who - We examine how terror has returned to teatime on UK TV with the reappearance of the BBC's Timeless traveller, Doctor Who
The Skeleton Key - A first peek at the new voodoo-themed chiller set in New Orleans, starring Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands and John Hurt
Dark Water - The Japanese original was directed by The Ring's Hideo Nakata - we preview the new US remake
Do You Like Hitchcock? - Alan Jones reviews Dario Argento's recent homage to Alfred Hitchcock for Italian TV
Opinion - Kim Newman looks at Abby, the 1974 Blaxploitation version of The Exorcist
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses a classic scare from Horror movie history, this issue Operazione Paura
The Pitt of Horror - Actress and Horror expert Ingrid Pitt examines some scary fairy tales and their metamorphosis into strange and sinister movies
Poster - The zombies walk in George A Romero's Land of the Dead
With 8 pages of reviews
- TV - A look at the recent TV revival of The Quatermass Experiment
- Films - including Cursed, The Last Horror Movie, Boogeyman and the new remake of The Amityville Horror
- DVD - The Curse of the Crimson Altar, The Devil's Men, Bad Boy Bubby, Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense, Exorcist: The Beginning
And more...

Issue 120
May 2005
House of Wax - Actors Chad Michael Murray and Elisha Cuthbert in an exclusive preview of the shocks in store in this remake
Pete Walker - We meet the Godfather of British Horror, director of such exploitation gems as House of Whipcord and Frightmare
Simon Baker - The star of Hideo Nakata's The Ring 2 and George Romero's new zombie chiller Land of the Dead talks about his work
Studies in Terror - More about Tony Tenser and Tigon Films, showcasing the DVD release of some of Tenser's classics, including A Study in Terror
The Return of Quatermass - We meet the creators of the new live television adaptation of the BBC's pioneering serial
Opinion - Kim Newman continues to his in-depth examination of the shady world of Horror pornography...
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses a classic moment from Horror history, in Dead and Buried
The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt looks at the remake game and finds some Horror sequels coming up a little short!
Poster - Chad Michael Murray and Elisha Cuthbert face terror in the House of Wax
With 8 pages of reviews
- Books - including Mark Gatiss's The Vesuvius Club and My Death by Lisa Tuttle
- Films - including Keanu Reeves as Constantine, Robert De Niro in Hide and Seek, The Darkness, The Machinist and Hideo Nakata's The Ring 2
- DVD - HP Lovecraft and Hammer rarities, plus The Hillside Strangler and Park Chan-wook's chilling Oldboy

Issue 119
March/April 2005
Wes Craven's Cursed - Editor Patrick Lussier and FX guru Greg Nicotero talk about the film's troubled genesis
Constantine - Keanu Reeves tells us about taking on the mantle of the world-weary demon-hunter John Constantine
Alone in the Dark - Director Uwe Boll and star Christian Slater discuss 2005's first Horror blockbuster
Boogeyman - We interview actor Barry Watson who stars as a troubled young hero in this new Horror thriller from Evil Dead creators Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert
Ring 2 - Special Effects co-ordinator Peter Chesney interviewed
Pete Walker - With a DVD box set of his most famous Horror films from the 1970s being released, we meet legendary director Pete Walker
Opinion - Kim Newman continues his examination of the shady world of Vampire porn
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby raises an eyebrow at the indescribable 1970 Horror I Drink Your Blood
The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt tells us all about her role as a Soothsaying Sybil in the new film Labyrinth
Poster - Keanu Reeves is John Constantine in our Hellblazing new poster
With 8 pages of reviews
- Books - including Out of his Mind and The Mask Behind the Face
- Films - The less-than-terrifying White Noise and the nerve-jangling new British film set in the London Underground, Creep
- DVD - Alien vs Predator, The Grudge, Tigon Tales of Terror, and two Oriental stories, Shikoku and Inugami

Issue 118
February 2005
The Amityville Horror - We join director Andrew Douglas and the cast on the set of the cursed mansion
Wild Country - We meet director Craig Strachan on the set of his new werewolf film
The Machinist - Director Brad Anderson talks about his chilling new movie
The Phantom Strikes Back - More incarnations of the Phantom of the Opera - Robert Englund, Michael Crawford, Julian Sands - and the new face behind the mask, Gerard Butler, plus a Brazilian TV movie and the Phantom on Ice!
The Devil's Rejects - Genre favourite Sid (House of 1,000 Corpses) Haig grants a rare interview to talk about his film work with Quentin Tarantino on this 1,000 Corpses sequel
2005: A Year of Horrors - Day of the Dead 2 and Return of the Living Dead Parts 4 & 5 are among the delights for zombie-lovers coming this year!
Alone in the Dark - A sneak peak at Uwe Boll's new film based on the best-selling game, starring Christian Slater, Tara Reid and Stephen Dorff
Opinion - Kim Newman continues his look at the porn career of Count Dracula and delves into the world of Dracula Exotica!
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses another classic moment from Horror film history and looks at Lon Chaney's chilling performance in the 1927 silent movie The Unknown
The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt encounters a ventriloquist's dummy with a mind of its own as she looks at Ealing Films's classic Dead of Night
Poster - We celebrate the coming Year of Horror with its heroes and villains
With 10 pages of reviews
- Books - Clive Barker's lavish Fantasy Abarat, Blood Price, The Ice Maiden and Ramsey Campbell's anthology Gathering the Bones
- TV - The concluding parts of Sky's Supernatural series Hex
- Films - The Forgotten, The Exorcist: The Beginning and The Phantom of The Opera
- DVD - A Tale of Two Sisters, The 4400 and some new scares on DVD!
And more...

Issue 117
December 2004
Blade: Trinity - Wesley Snipes, Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds join director David Goyer to talk about taking on the oldest Vampire of them all, Count Dracula
Alien vs Predator - A dazzling collection of behind-the-scenes photos charting the creation of a new look for the Aliens and Predators
Return of the Living Dead - A set report from the zombie epics Return of the Living Dead Parts 4 and 5
Do You Like Hitchcock? - Horror legend Dario Argento talks about his new project for TV - a grisly tribute to the Master of Suspense which might give the censors a hard time!
Phantoms of the Opera - We look back at a gallery of famous film Phantoms including Lon Chaney, Claude Rains and Herbert Lom
Opinion - Kim Newman continues his look at Dracula's career as a Porn star in Dracula Sucks!
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses another classic moment from Horror history, this issue - a murderous priest in The House of Mortal Sin!
The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt looks at the scary Christmas treat that is Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Poster - Blade, Hannibal and Abigail join forces on our Blade: Trinity poster!
With 10 pages of reviews
- Books - In This Skin, Howling Hounds and Horror Poster Art
- TV - Hex
- Films - Alien vs Predator and The Grudge
- DVD - The Day After Tomorrow, The Stepford Wives, Warner HorrorsI, Monster and It's Alive!
And more...

Issue 116
November 2004
Seed of Chucky - We meet Jennifer Tilly on-set in Romania for the fifth Chucky film
The Grudge - Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jason Behr star in a remake of a classic Japanese chiller, directed by Takashi Shimizu
Creep - Director Chris Smith his new shocker set in the London Tube!
Bubba Ho-Tep - Bruce Campbell and director Don Coscarelli on their new comedy Horror in which a retired Elvis (Campbell) battles a vengeful Egyptian mummy!
Dark Shadows - Make-up artists Todd McIntosh and Andrew Clement take us behind the scenes on the remake of the Gothic Soap Opera, with never-before-seen photos and design sketches
Nineteen Eighty-Four - A look back at the groundbreaking BBC production from 1954, directed by Rudolph Cartier and starring Peter Cushing and Andre Morell, which has been spectacularly restored for DVD
Exorcist: The Begining - The story behind The Exorcist: The Beginning, the prequel to William Friedkin's 1973 movie, is almost as complex as the film you will see on the screen. And then there's the film you won't see in cinemas...
Frank Darabont - The acclaimed director of The Shawshank Redemption reveals his plans to film Stephen King's The Mist
Ginger Snaps - Producer Steve Hoban on the return of the Fitzgerald sisters in a prequel and a sequel
Hammer on DVD - With a majority of Hammer's Horror films now on DVD, we look at the elusive items yet to be released. Plus complete your collection with our prize competition!
Anchor Bay DVD - Wes Craven's Scream, The Last House of the Left and The Hills Have Eyes, plus Evilspeak and The Bone Snatcher
Opinion - Kim Newman on the erotic career of Count Dracula in films like Dracula, The Dirty Old Man
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby looks at a classic moment from Horror history in The Mad Ghoul
The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt reports from the Monster Mania convention in Philadelphia, where she met Robert Englund and Hazel Court
Poster - Sarah Michelle Gellar is haunted by a ghost with a vengeance in The Grudge
with news and 10 pages of TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 115
September 2004
Resident Evil: Apocalypse - Director Alexander Witt tells why he was drawn to this sequel which sees the return of Milla Jovovich as Alice
Alien vs Predator - More from the set of the highly-anticipated monster team-up, as we meet FX Maestro Alec Gillis and director Paul Anderson
Saw - Actor Cary Elwes tells why he took a gamble to star in this low-budget Horror film, which has been called the most terrifying film ever!
Riding the Bullet - Director Mick Garris, director of several Stephen King mini-series, explains why he signed up for this new movie, based on a King story and starring Scream's David Arquette
Species - We celebrate the new DVD Special Edition
Frightfest Preview - Some of the new Horror showcased at the Frightfest Horror Festival in London
Opinion - Kim Newman looks at Dario Argento's little-known Italian TV series The Door into Darkness
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby looks at a classic moment from Horror history with a chilling scene from Deathdream
The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt embarks on a new project which reunites her with old friends Caroline Munro and Veronica Carlson
Poster - Lovely Milla Jovovich as Alice in Resident Evil: Apocalypse
with news and 9 pages of TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 114
August 2004
Alien vs Predator - An exciting report from the Prague set of the highly-anticipated monster team-up starring Lance Henriksen and Sanaa Lathan.
Colin Firth - How the terrifying new psychological thriller Trauma offered a dramatic change of role for the popular British actor.
The Village - A sneak preview of this new film from the master of screen chills, M Night Shyamalan, starring William Hurt, Joaquin Phoenix and Sigourney Weaver.
Open Water - Stars Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis talk about their roles in the new independent movie that is being called 'Jaws meets The Blair Witch Project'.
Undead - Directing brothers Peter and Michael Sperig tells us how they're following in Peter Jackson's footsteps with their crazy new Antipodean gore-fest!
Rutger Hauer - A look at the Horror films of the marvellous Dutch actor who has cornered the market in screen villainy...
Tom Woodruff - More on-the-spot secrets from the Hollywood creature creator who brings the Aliens to life!
Opinion - Writer Kim Newman looks at the scripts of The Night Stalker
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby looks at a recent Horror destined for classic status - Danny Boyle's apocalyptic 28 Days Later...
The Pitt of Horror - What frightens the Queen of Horror? Ingrid Pitt presents her Top 10 scares...
Poster - Who will be the victor in the fight between Aliens and Predators?
with news and 9 pages of TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 113
June 2004
Alien vs Predator - Special Effects designer Tom Woodruff Jr reveals some secrets from the new monster team-up!
Angel's Farewell - We reach the final episode of the long-running series and consider what made Angel unique on television.
Robert Englund - Robert Englund previews his new movie 2001 Maniacs and talks about the future for Freddy Krueger...
Rick Baker - The celebrated movie monster-maker discusses An American Werrewolf in London, Jack Nicholson and Star Wars ...and why he turned down Wes Craven's new movie Cursed!
Jaume Balaguero's Darkness - Spanish director Jaume Balaguero on why he has used that primal fear of the dark for his new movie... Van Helsing - The last word (perhaps) on this revival of the Universal monsters
Ripping Yarns - We look at the new Horror releases from Anchor Bay DVD including Jess Franco's Jack the Ripper and The Asphyx
Opinion - Writer Kim Newman continues his look at the remake of Dawn of the Dead
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby looks at a classic moment from Horror history - this issue, back to 1924 as Lon Chaney stars in The Monster
The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt gives her views on Van Helsing, and remembers Anthony Ainley, who died recently
Poster - Angel is surrounded by his monstrous friends and foes!
with news and 10 pages of TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 112
May 2004
Van Helsing - We talk to the actors playing Hollywood's most famous monsters: Richard Roxburgh is Dracula, Shuler Hensley is Frankenstein's Monster and Will Kemp is the Wolf Man!
Hellboy Make-up Effects - We go behind the scenes and talk to the talented make-up artists who have brought these incredible figures to life.
Shaun of the Dead - Our report from the set of this new British Horror comedy, with comments from star Simon Pegg
Two Stephen King Horror Projects for Television...
- Kingdom Hospital - We meet the stars of King's adaptation of Lars Von Trier's spooky mini-series The Kingdom.
- Salem's Lot - We speak to Rob Lowe and the makers of the new TV adaptation of King's most frightening novel, Salem's Lot, which also stars James Cromwell, Rutger Hauer and Donald Sutherland.
Seed of Chucky - Star Jennifer Tilly spills the beans on her dual role in the new Chucky film
Opinion - Writer Kim Newman gives his opinion of the new remake of Dawn of the Dead.
The Fright of Your Life - There's trouble at mill as Jonathan Rigby looks at a classic moment from The Mill of the Stone Women.
The Pitt of Horror - 'In the Horror game, as with everywhere else, the secret is location, location, location.' Ingrid Pitt investigates Hampton Court Palace, and finds some haunting stories of unquiet spirits...
Poster - Monsters beware! - Hugh Jackman is Van Helsing
with news and 9 pages of TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 111
March 2004
Hellboy - Mike Mignola's cult comic book hero Hellboy is coming to the big screen, courtesy of Cronos director Gulliermo Del Toro. We talk to Del Toro and the effects staff.
Switchblade Romance - We have a look at this French shocker directed by Alexandre Aja.
The Toolbox Murders - We take a peek at Tobe Hooper's reimagination of this splatter classic - but whatever you do, don't call it a remake...
Dawn of the Dead - We interview the make-up crew responsible for the look of the zombies in the big-budget remake.
Il Cartaio - Dario Argento's toned down the graphic horror in favour of psychological suspense in his latest film - but has the gamble paid off?
Angel at 100 - Creater Joss Whedon plans for the fifth season, plus news on the series' cancellation
Shaun of the Dead - We take a look at the British 'Zombie Romantic Comedy' starring Simon Pegg.
2004 Preview - The upcoming Horror films of 2004 are placed under the microscope, including Secret Window, starring Johnny Depp, and Alien vs Predator.
Plus Opinion - Kim Newman casts his eye over a new version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, starring The Mummy's John Hannah
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses a classic scene from Horror history - this issue, John Carpenter's psychological Science Fiction chiller The Thing.
The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt continues her retrospective of Horror novelist Dennis Wheatley.
Poster - Ron Perlman stars as Hellboy.
with news and 10 pages of TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 110
February 2004
Dawn of the Dead - Zack Snyder directs a new take on George Romero's tale of zombies and shopping. We meet stars Sarah Polley and Ving Rhames, guest star Tom Savini and scriptwriter James Gunn
Halloween: 25 Years Later - Moustapha Akkad and Irwin Yablans, producers of John Carpenter's Halloween and its many sequels
Sitges Festival Report - Alan Jones reports on the newest films from the Sitges Fantasy Film Festival including Switchblade Romance, The Toolbox Murders, Dragonhead and One Missed Call
Freddy and the Dream Warriors - We look back at how the Elm Street legend took a new turn in the third film of the series, The Dream Warriors, directed by Chuck Russell and starring Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger
Dracula's Director - Patrick Lussier, editor on Wes Craven's Scream movies, tells how he took the director's chair for the newest update of the Dracula legend
A Year of Shivers - We look back at some of the hits and misses of 2003
Freak Out - We look at the wildest and wackiest low-budget Horror film to come out of Bournemouth
Opinion - Kim Newman discovers a forgotten British Fu-Manchu serial from 1923!
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses a classic scene from Horror history - this issue, Roman Polanski's tale of witchcraft Rosemary's Baby
The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt remembers a master of the macabre - novelist Dennis Wheatley
Poster - Sarah Polley stars in the new Dawn of the Dead
with news and 10 pages of TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 109
December 2003
Halle Berry on Gothika - Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry talks about her new Horror role, starring alongside Pen?lope Cruz and Robert Downey Jr in the new Dark Castle film Gothika
Freddy on DVD - More from Robert Englund on Freddy vs Jason, plus the cream of the recent reviews as this scary team-up makes its DVD d?but
Stuart Gordon - The director of Horror classic Re-Animator discusses his violent new movie King of the Ants based on a novel by Charlie Higson, starring George Wendt and newcomer Chris McKenna
Carniv?le - Screenwriter Daniel Knauf on his bizarre and apocalyptic new HBO series starring Nick Stahl, Clancy Brown and Adrienne Barbeau
Norman J Warren - The unstoppable director of some much-loved British '70s shockers discusses the making of his movies Terror and Inseminoid
Bernard Herrmann - We look at some new CD releases from Bernard Herrmann, composer of scores for Psycho, Vertigo, Jason and the Argonauts, Fahrenheit 451 and The Day the Earth Stood Still
Arts Magic - New Eastern Horror DVDs from the acclaimed Arts Magic collection featuring Hiruko the Goblin, Ring sequel Rasen, Wild Zero and Junk
Dr Terror's Christmas Box - We take a look at wealth of extras on the new Amicus DVD box set from Anchor Bay, featuring The House That Dripped Blood, Asylum and Dr Terrors House of Horrors
Opinion - Kim Newman on more exploits of Mexican wrestler Santo, as he tussles with Frankenstein and the Wolf Man
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses a favourite fright from Horror history. This issue, the Zombie Knights Templar are on the rampage in Tombs of the Blind Dead
The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt on some famous guests and some outrageous fancy dress the recent US Chiller convention ...
Poster - After Freddy vs Jason, it's Freddy versus Halle Berry as our cover stars clash!
with news and 10 pages of TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 108
November 2003
Wes Craven - Genre Titan Wes Craven, the creator of Scream and Freddy Krueger, talks exclusively to Shivers about his classic movies The Hills Have Eyes and The Last House on the Left, newly released on DVD.
Norman J Warren - In the first part of two-part feature, the irrepressible Norman J Warren, director of such Seventies shockers as Prey, Inseminoid and Satan's Slave looks back at his early work. Illustrated with pictures from the director's collection.
Angel - Angel and friends are now in charge of demonic law firm Wolfram and Hart, and to add to the fun, Spike has returned! We look at the first episodes of Angel Season Five!
Cabin Fever - A group of teens in a remote cabin fall victim to a flesh-eating virus... Young actors Rider Strong, Cerina Vincent, Jordan Ladd and James De Bello talk about their roles in Eli Roth's acclaimed new shock-fest Cabin Fever.
Jeepers Creepers 2 - Meet the up-and-coming young cast including Al Santos, Eric Nenninger and Nicki Aycox, plus movie veteran Ray Wise, who braved the arduous night shoots for Victor Salva's chilling Jeepers Creepers 2.
The Collingswood Story - We look at the low-budget Horror about a Supernatural investigation via webcam that is set to imitate the success of The Blair Witch Project. We talk to director Mike Costanza.
Angela Bettis - We talk to Angela Bettis, who gives a superb central performance in Lucky McKee's poignant and chilling May.
Rosie Alvarez - British actress Rosie Alvarez discusses her role in the German Horror film Anatomie 2.
Shaun of the Dead - Director Edgar Wright on the making of his new British Zombie movie.
Opinion - Kim Newman on the strange exploits of Mexican wrestler Santo, and his collisions with Dracula and Frankenstein's daughter.
The Pitt of Horror - Actress Ingrid Pitt remembers her days in Hollywood playing poker with John Wayne.
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby selects a classic fright from Horror history. This issue, Stefan Ruzowitzy's shocker from 2000, Anatomie.
Poster - Keep the spirit of Halowe'en alive with our pumpkin poster...
with news, TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 107
September 2003
Freddy vs Jason - How two scary favourites were brought together for the Horror bout of the century! We meet director Ronny Yu and the new Jason, Ken Kirzinger.
Spike and Angel - We look forward to the fireworks when Spike, the Vampire from Sunnydale, joins the line-up at Angel Investigations...
House of the Dead - How director Uwe Boll brought this terrifying zombie-fighting computer game to the screen, and the latest on his new project with Christian Slater.
Jessica Harper - A rare interview with the charming actress who has enjoyed a long career with some of Hollywood's finest, and who achieved Horror icon status with her starring role in Dario Argento's Suspiria.
Jeffrey Combs - We meet another genre great, the actor who plays Herbert West, HP Lovecraft's meddler with things unspeakable, in the Re-Animator movies!
Underworld - Vampires battle werewolves in a never-ending war unseen by the eyes of man - that's the premise of this stylish new chiller!
So you want to be in Troma? - Producer Lloyd Kaufman takes us through the Troma selection process, and we meet a Tromette to learn what goes on at the Cannes Festival!
The Sin Eater - Director Brian Helgeland brings a new monster to the screen, in this religious detective story starring Heath Ledger and Mark Addy.
Opinion - Writer Kim Newman on the new TV mini-series of Stephen King's Carrie.
The Pitt of Horror - Guest columnist Ingrid Pitt remembers a very special lady, stuntwoman Dorothy Ford
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby choses a classic moment from Horror history, a spooky fright from William Castle's Macabre.
Poster - Angel and Spike are strange bedfellows in our great poster...
with news, TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 106
August 2003
Neill Gorton - Make-Up Wizard - Neill Gorton has handled FX make-up on films including From Hell and Saving Private Ryan, and the recent TV series Strange. We present some exclusive behind-the-scenes shots and design drawings.
Jeepers Creepers 2 - Director Victor Salva does it again - the Creeper is back! We look at the highly-anticipated sequel to the Horror hit Jeepers Creepers, and celebrate one of the most chilling of recent screen monsters.
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - We hear from the director, screenwriter and stars (including Sir Sean Connery) about The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the new movie in which Dr Jekyll, Captain Nemo, The Invisible Man, Mina Harker and Allan Quartermain team up for a Victorian adventure!
FrightFest 2003 - It's the biggest event of the UK Horror calendar... yes, it's back and better than ever - we preview the delights in store at this year's London FrightFest, including Malefique and House of a 1,000 Corpses
All about May - Lucky McKee - Can't find a date? The why not build your own, Frankenstein-style? Director Lucky McKee explores just this scenario in his deliciously dark new film May, which was the toast of last year's Sitges Fantasy Festival
More Cabin Fever - Concluding our interview with Eli Roth, who tells us more grisly details from his infectious new film Cabin Fever!
Troma Extravaganza - As the BSkyB Movie Channel devotes a month to the no-holds-barred Horror extravaganza that is the Troma back-catalogue, we present a beginners' guide to the bizarre inhabitants of Tromaville!
Opinion - Writer Kim Newman celebrates Horror auteur Larry Fessenden, the maverick director of Habit and Wendigo.
The Pitt of Horror - Had a hard day at the office? Our regular guest contributor Ingrid Pitt hears of a bizarre Time-travelling experience...
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses another magic moment from Horror history, this issue, Method for Murder in The House That Dripped Blood.
with news, TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 105
July 2003
Robert Englund - Freddy vs Jason - Actor Robert Englund, the legendary Freddy Krueger, discusses his career in fright films and new movie Freddy vs Jason.
Manhunter - Thomas Noonan, who memorably portrayed the murderous Tooth Fairy talks about his role as 'the scariest man on celluloid'.
Dario Argento's Card Player - From the set of Dario Argento's new crime thriller, we speak to actor Liam Cunningham on why he wanted to work with the Horror maestro.
Strange Effects - We speak to Neill Gorton, who has provided special effects for the new British TV Horror series Strange .
Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer - Director John McNaughton talks about the new DVD release of his acclaimed study of psychopathic terror
House of the Long Shadows - We look back 20 years to the last glorious team-up of Horror legends Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and John Carradine
Opinion - Kim Newman celebrates the 50th anniversary of Nigel Kneale's TV legend Professor Bernard Quatermass.
The Pitt of Horror - Are ghosts officially busted? Ingrid Pitt investigates recent reports that nix the Supernatural!
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses a magic moment from Horror history - this issue, Barbara Steele as an undead temptress in Antonio Margheriti's Danza Macabra.
with news, TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 104
May 2003
Faith - Buffy's Bad Girl Does Good - There can be few TV characters whose return has been more eagerly awaited than Eliza Dushku's rebellious character Faith in Buffy and Angel. But when Faith returns to Sunnydale, tragedy follows close behind...
Willard - Crispin Glover stars as the boy who befriends rats in this remake of a Seventies schlock classic, directed by Glen Morgan of X-Files fame.
Dreamcatcher - Director Lawrence Kasdan takes the helm for the latest adaptation of a Stephen King novel, as a group of friends take on a monstrous alien foe!
Shaun of the Dead - Director Edgar Wright on his new British Zombie movie, influenced by the Resident Evil game.
Strange - Creator Andrew Marshall, stars Richard Coyle and Samantha Janus talk about this new British TV Horror/Fantasy series for Saturday nights.
Patrick Tatopoulos - Continuing our interview with the exceptional illustrator and designer, who talks about his forthcoming projects, illustrated with deleted material from the Sci-Fi film Supernova and pre-production artwork for the monsters of Special Unit 2.
Texas Chain Saw Massacre - The cast of Tobe Hooper's Horror classic recalled the making of the movie at a special gathering held recently to launch a special DVD release.
Last House on the Left - A look at some of the movies recently released by Anchor Bay including Wes Craven's d?but horror movie, the shocking Last House on the Left.
Opinion - Kim Newman recalls the thrill of sneaking into the pictures to see 'forbidden' movies, but recalls that some failed to live up to their billing...
The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt wonders what lurks in the Underground - and recalls such memorable chillers as Quatermass abnds the Pit, and Kolchak's encounter with the Night Strangler!
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby chooses a magic moment from Horror history - this issue, low-budget shocks and a dose of acromegaly in The Monster Maker!
with news, TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 103
March 2003
The Return of Quatermass - We continue our interview with Val Guest, and look at his Hammer Quatermass movies, newly released on DVD with commentaries.
Patrick Tatopoulos - The creature creator who has designed for such blockbusters as Stargate, Independence Day and Godzilla talks about his recent projects including Pitch Black and the TV movie of Clive Barker's Saint Sinner.
Darkness Falls - Actress Emma Caulfield, Anya from Buffy, talks about her new Horror movie.
Goodbye Buffy - As Sarah Michelle Gellar finally calls it a day, we look at Buffy's final season, and speculate on what might follow...
LD50 - We meet the director of a new British Horror movie starring Spice Girl Mel B and rising British actor Tom Hardy.
Jeepers Creepers 2 - A photo special looking at Victor Salva's hotly-anticipated Horror sequel and the return of the terrifying Creeper!
Opinion - Kim Newman looks at at some American adaptations of Sherlock Holmes (starring Matt Frewer and James D'Arcy) which take more than a few liberties with Conan Doyle!
The Pitt of Horror - Actress Ingrid Pitt looks at Vampire lore from Egyptian times, from Osiris the God of Resurrection to the flesh-eating Lamiae that terrorized the Greeks!
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby looks at a classic moment from Horror History - the appearance of Dr Freudstein in The House by the Cemetery.
with news, TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 102
February 2003
Totally Tromatized - With titles like Rabid Grannies, The Toxic Avenger and Sgt Kabukiman NYPD - it could only be the terrific trash that is Troma Films! We meet Mr Troma himself, director and producer Lloyd Kaufman.
The Ring Saga - Hideo Nakata's terrifying film Ring is Horror's best-kept secret. But all that may change as the new American version, The Ring directed by Gore Verbinski, opens in Europe.
Beyond Re-Animator - Director Brian Yuzna brings back HP Lovecraft's maddest scientist, Herbert West. We talk to the director and meet star Jeffrey Combs.
Val Guest - The director of Quatermass Xperiment, The Abominable Snowman and The Day The Earth Caught Fire talks about his life in films.
The Return of The Thing - The return of a great Hallowe'en tradition as a gathering of Hollywood film-makers stage a recreation of the classic Fifties Sci-Fi Horror movie The Thing!
Angel Turns Evil? - Find out what's afoot for the Vampire with a soul this season...
The Hound of the Baskervilles - We review the BBC's recent adaptation.
Poster - We present the chilling image from Gore Verbinski's The Ring.
Opinion - Kim Newman looks at a reconstruction of a famous 'lost film', Lon Chaney's Vampire movie London After Midnight
The Pitt of Horror - Ingrid Pitt looks back over the year, meets Discworld creator Terry Pratchett and Horror novelist James Herbert, and gets a bit frisky anticipating Valentine's Day...
The Fright of Your Life - Jonathan Rigby selects a fearful scene from Jorge Grau's 1974 film The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue
with news, TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 101
January 2003
New Movies
Ghost Ship - Director Steve Beck talks about his new seagoing Horror movie.
Ryan Phillippe - The handsome star discusses his new psychological Horror movie The I Inside with director Roland Suso Richter.
Sitges Film Festival - A look at how this programme has rewritten the Fantasy/Horror rule-book.
Classic Horrors
Hammer Films at Bray - We meet the author of a new book about Bray Studios.
Horror People - Phantasm's Reggie Bannister joins FX guru Tom Savini, veteran actor Jack Donner and star of The Shining Joseph Turkel to talk to us!
New Movies
Artsmagic - A look at the new DVD label concentrating on Asia Horror and Fantasy, with titles including Pyrokinesis, Hypnosis, and Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman.
Bruce Campbell - The star celebrates his autobiography Confessions of a B-Movie Actor and the release of Army of Darkness on DVD.
Ghostwatch - Writer Stephen Volk looks back at his tv chiller.
Poster - Saruman (Christopher Lee) and friends in scenes from The Two Towers.
The Devil's Nightmare in The Fright of Your Life
Ingridd Pitt looks at her time in Doctor Who
and Kim Newman concludes his look at Christian fundamentalist Apocalypse movies
with news, TV, book, film and video reviews

Issue 100
November 2002
Highslide JS
2nd cover
Jeepers Creepers 2: An excluvsive on-set report with director Victor Salva interview.
The League of Gentlemen: We talk to the makers about the third series, and the strange new characters.
Buffy: A look at how this programme has rewritten the Fantasy/Horror rule-book.
Horror Stars come out to Play: All the greats from the Horror world.
Halloween Resurrection: A look at the latest installment in the Halloween saga!
We skim over the past 100 issues and bring you some of the favourites.
Plus, two stunning Buffy covers to collect!

Issue 99
October 2002
Screenwriter Ted Tally, who won an Oscar for The Silence of the Lambs, tells why he was first in line to work on the script for the new Lecter film Red Dragon. With a Red Dragon poster Brian Cox played a very different Hannibal Lecter in Michael Mann's 1986 Manhunter but it's a role he still adores. Cox discusses Manhunter, plus his early Hammer work and his forthcoming films Ring and X-Men 2. The maverick director Paul Morrissey talks about making films in 3-D, sex and the influence of Andy Warhol. Cheri Montesanto-Medcalf and Matthew Mungle look back at their special effects make-up for the last seasons of The X-Files. Some surprising developments in the new seasons of Angel and Buffy, Denis Meikle, author of a new book on Jack the Ripper, discusses the enduring mystery of the Victorian murders. A preview of some spooky and sinister films coming soon, including the US remake of The Ring and underwater monsters in Below. Meet John Constantine, Humanity's most unlikely champion, who appeared in DC Comic's Hellblazer series and is now bound for the big screen. Acclaimed Horror author Fowler discusses his forthcoming work, including the Plastic, Brick Water trilogy and a mystery set in London's Palace Theatre called Looking for Lucifer. Regulars In The Fright of Your Life Jonathan Rigby recoils in horror from a different kind of eight-legged freak in John Barrymore's 1920 film of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. In Pitt of Horror Ingrid Pitt remembers colleagues John Frankenheimer and Maurice Denham, who died recently. And Kim Newman investigates the Apocalypse movies made in the US 'Bible belt'. And 10 pages of reviews!

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