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- First and last issue: November 1972-December 1979
- Began (as Comixscene) in November 1972 as a tabloid pop-culture periodical.
- Initially focusing on comics, science fiction/fantasy/heroic adventure/thriller paperbacks, TV entertainment, celebrity interviews, and feature films.
- The mag was often in 2 parts they called Section 1 and Section 2. These sections had their own covers sometimes marked accordingly. Often, the section 2 covers were only drawings.
- Published by writer-artist-historian Jim Steranko.
- Continued as PREVUE.

United States

Ceased publication
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2 March 2014

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Issue 7
November/December 1973

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Section 2

Issue 6
September/October 1973

JOHN defaultER OF MARS! Detailed survey of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars novels featuring double-page map, plot chronology and paperback cover art; Robert Weinberg covers Burroughs of the Pulps, with rare cover and interior illustrations; never-before-told stories and news on all the Burroughs heroes; latest comic news, Marvel to DC; previews and reviews of science fiction, mystery, western fields and more!

Issue 5
July/August 1973

Issue 4
May/June 1973

Issue 3
March/April 1973

Issue 2
January/February 1973

24 pages, Offset (tabloid format).
"Big Shazam Issue" includes C.C. Beck interview, Steranko centerfold, The Spider pulp series, much more.

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