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- First and last issue: 1979-2016
- Horror movies.
- Fango changed a lot of things when first appeared and remains today the #1 horror movie mag.
- Covers mostly commercial studio releases, without neglecting independent, low budget, films.
- Editor: Anthony Timpone
- Published 10 times a year by Starlog Group, Inc, 84 colour pages in A4 format.
- Resumed publishing in 2018.
- Published by Starlog Group
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Issue 218
November 2002

Issue 217
October 2002

Issue 216
September 2002

Issue 215
August 2002

Issue 214
July 2002

Issue 213
June 2002

Issue 212
May 2002

Issue 211
April 2002
Elegy: Signings of the times.
Postal zone: ''Lord,'' were they impressed.
Monster invasion: Not your ''Every Day'' French film; ''Kolchak'' stalks the comics; ''Cradle'' of blood.
Zomb raider: The ''Resident Evil'' movie pits Milla Jovovich and co. against the video game-spawned undead.
''Feast'' your eyes: And watch your other body parts as Herschell Gordon Lewis cooks up ''Blood Feast 2.''
Dr. Cyclops: ''Anima'' will move you; hang up on ''The Calling.''
The ''Blade 2'' bunch: Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson and Ron Perlman - what a gang of cutups!
The ''Queen'' makers: It was a ''Damned'' tough job adapting Anne Rice's lengthy stories into the current film. (The Queen Of The Damned)
Godzilla, Ghidorah, Greatness: Having reinvented Gamera, Shusuke Kaneko now tackles Japan's biggest monster.
Monster FX Lab: ''Brotherhood Of The Wolf'': My, what a big job it was creating the beast for the French epic.
A ''Scorpion'' tale: Can you smell what The Rock's cooking up for his big-screen starring debut? (The Scorpion King)
''No Such'' luck: A modern Monster finds civilization scarier than he is in Hal Hartley's ''No Such Thing.''
Flights of Fantasia: The 6th Annual edition of Montreal's genre fest attracted more guests than ever.
Jackie oh no!: From Castle to the Florida swamps, actress Jaqueline Scott braved many various terrors.
DVD dungeon: ''Series 7'' returns to the small screen; come back for ''Seconds.''
Nightmare library: Gorman's gripping ''Rituals''; sneak a read of ''Diary.''

Issue 210
March 2002
Elegy: 2001: A fear odyssey.
Postal zone: They got ''Joy'' from being scared.
Monster invasion: A ''Chronicle'' of art house horror; Lance Henriksen confronts ''The Mangler 2''; 11th Annual Chainsaw Awards ballot!
She's a killer ''Queen'': And she's biting her way through the second Anne Rice vampire movie, ''Queen Of The Damned.''
Cutting up with ''Blade 2'': He's back and slaying with a genre-veteran cast and a visionary director.
Dr. Cyclops: ''Chasing Sleep'' will keep you up at night; get your kicks from ''Replicant''
Believe in ''Mothman Prophecies'': Tired of ''The X Files''? Here's a truth-based chiller that works.
Unholy ''Frailty'': Religious dementia has deadly consequences in Bill Paxton's directorial debut.
The ''Wolf'' pack: Meet the people behind the human and inhuman characters of ''Brotherhood Of The Wolf.''
''Jason X'' men: Join the crew who are bringing the ''Friday the 13th'' franchise into the 25th century.
''Rose'' to the occasion: Now a Stephen King veteran, director Craig Baxley opens the door to ''Rose Red.''
''Arachnid'' and a hard place: Brian Yuzna and Jack Sholder unwrap the first of this year's giant-spider features.
DVD dungeon: ''Convent'' ho;y satisfying; Romero gives face to ''Bruiser''; ''The Mummy Returns'' with lotsa hype.
Remember ''Wendigo'': It may not be too early to call this the best independent horror film of 2002.
Reynolds raps: The director of ''The Ugly'' and ''Heaven'' presents a worst-case scenario for ''When Strangers Appear.''
The Fangoria index 2001: A handy guide to the last year of screen terror.
Nightmare library: Warm review for ''Coldheart''; you won't suffer through ''Martyrs.''

Issue 209
January/February 2002

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