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- First and last issue: 1979-2016
- Horror movies.
- Fango changed a lot of things when first appeared and remains today the #1 horror movie mag.
- Covers mostly commercial studio releases, without neglecting independent, low budget, films.
- Editor: Anthony Timpone
- Published 10 times a year by Starlog Group, Inc, 84 colour pages in A4 format.
- Resumed publishing in 2018.
- Published by Starlog Group
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Issue 268
November 2007

Issue 267
October 2007

Issue 266
September 2007

Issue 265
August 2007
ELEGY Sleepers creepers
MONSTER INVASION The countdown to '30 Days' begins; 'Resident' zombies face 'Extinction'
'I KNOW' WHAT SCARES YOU And it's frightening Lindsay Lohan too in her most extreme role to date.
'STRANGERS' THAN FICTION This movie's creator says a realistic touch will make it a superior chiller.
DR. CYCLOPS Plenty of terror found in 'Abandoned'; check out what's inside 'The Kovak Box'
THE 'HUMANOIDS' FACTOR In 1980, aquatic monsters with sex drives emerged from the 'Deep' with shocking results.
'HALLOWEEN': TRICK'OR TREAT? We'd bet on the latter, since Rob Zombie's at the helm of the Michael Myers redux.
CHILLING THE WINDY CITY Monsters and music spread the fear at our 2007 Midwest 'Weekend of Horrors.'
NOBODY'S 'PERFECT'? It seemed lost for a few years, but 'Perfect Creature' is finally seeing the light of release.
CHILD'S SLAY We kid you not: 'Joshua' finds creepy new variations on the evil-little-boy concept.
FOLLOW 'THE SIGNAL' 'and find yourself in a world turned violently upside down, thanks to this startling indie film.
'1408' WORDS Three scriptwriters took on the challenge of whipping the Stephen King tale into cinematic shape.
HIS 'CHRISTMAS' STORIES A tribute interview with the late Bob Clark, who made Yuletide and military homecomings scary.
DVD DUNGEON Laughs and revelations 'Behind the Mask'; new looks at 'Caligari' and Lovecraft
THE DIGITAL 'MASTERS' The CGI demanded by Showtime's 'Horrors' was as varied as the series' storylines.
HORRORCADE Old blood in new computerized bottles
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Evans' 'Good and Happy' is good and scary; Carey's 'Devil' worth knowing

Issue 264
July 2007
ELEGY The gathering storm.
POSTAL ZONE Why was the 'Grindhouse' empty?.
MONSTER INVASION Zombie's new 'Halloween' party; Friedkin shares his 'Bug'; Zombie hunting in 'War of the Dead: Z-E-R-O'; are you afraid of 'Big Bad Wolf'?
BACK TO THE 'HOSTEL' Eli Roth knew he had his work cut and chopped and sawed out for him when tackling the sequel.
'1408' REASONS TO SCREAM With a Stephen King source and two topnotch actors, you'll want to check out this hotel room.
DR. CYCLOPS 'Alone With Her' is a scary place to be; mixed 'Breed'.
'DAY WATCH' DAWNS The saga begun in the 'Night' continues with more vampires, demons and otherworldly beings.
GRAZING HELL Farm life just got a lot more frightening as 'Black Sheep' go on a flesheating rampage in New Zealand'.
SCARY MOO-VIE 'while over in Ireland, everyone orders de-calf when mutant cows spawn in 'Isolation.'.
'CAPTIVITY' AUDIENCE Will the controversy over its advertising mean blood money for this torture saga?.
KNB'S KURRENT KILLINGS Celebrating 20 years in the business, the FX team splatters more gore than ever before.
PET PEEVED It's not always nice to have a zombie around the house, even a domesticated one like 'Fido.'.
DVD DUNGEON Who could pass up watching 'Child'?; new 'Creepshow' a cheap show.
BLOOD ON THE PAGES If you think this magazine drips crimson, wait'll you see what awaits in our new comics line.
HORRORCADE Worship the new 'God of War,' but give up the 'Ghost Rider.'
'BLACULA' IS BEAUTIFUL A look back at one of the standouts of both blaxploitation and vampire cinema.
FORGOTTEN HORRORS: 'COLOR ME BLOOD RED' Artists' models and an exploitation partnership fell victim in this production.
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Rave for Palahniuk's 'Rant'; Wellington's 'Bullets' hit the target

Issue 263
June 2007
ELEGY Boll busting.
MONSTER INVASION Violent past ('Pathfinder'), present ('Gangs of the Dead') and future ('Mutant Chronicles').
BLOWIN' IN THE 'WIND CHILL' Ghosts have your num-brrrrr if you venture down the wrong back-road shortcut.
FATHER OF THE '28 WEEKS' Fighting through a rage-plagued Britain is a family affair for sequel star Robert Carlyle.
DR. CYCLOPS Follow the 'Blood Trails' to real scares; 'Still Waters' run shallow.
HE DRIVES US CRAZY Fango fave Kurt Russell takes the wheel of the 'Death Proof' car in 'Grindhouse.'
THAT'S CLUCKED UP In what may be its last gasp, Troma goes to new eggs-tremes with 'Poultrygeist.'
DEEPER INTO THE 'HOSTEL' Eli Roth's sequel exposes more of the inner workings of the international house of torture.
THIRSTY DAYS OF NIGHT Love and blood are equal ingredients of the vampire drama 'The Thirst.'
BAD DOGGIES! So much for man's best friend'now they're genetically enhanced killers in 'The Breed.'
HORRORCADE 'Lunar Knights' shoot the moon; we'll bitch about 'Bullet Witch'
'DARK CORNERS' OF THE SOUL Introducing a villain so nasty he terrorizes a woman in two different realities.
HIGH VOLTAIRE With his many music, toy, comics and movie projects, the Goth guru is spreading darkness everywhere.
DVD DUNGEON Extra 'Pieces' added to slasher documentary; 'Phantasm' doesn't go balls-out.
UNSEEN SCREAMS: 'POSSESSED' We know we'd like to see an occult thriller so unsettling that Udo Kier's its good guy.
VINCENT'S PRICE How many actresses can say they survived Dracula and the 'Hills Have Eyes' bunch? Well'Virginia Vincent didn't.
JERSEY GHOULS A new venue and an extra day added up to more ghoulish fun at Fango's last East Coast convention.
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Four times the fear in Phillips' 'Angelica'; Garton still loves the 'Night Life'

Issue 262
May 2007

Issue 261
April 2007

Issue 260
March 2007
ELEGY Pioneer-ing a film series.
MONSTER INVASION 'Grindhouse' gets in gear; a DarkLot of indie terrors; Hodder cuts up as 'Ed Gein'
HORRORCADE You'll feel the 'F.E.A.R.'; growing pains for 'Death Jr. II'
DON'T BLAME 'THE MESSENGERS' They're just doing what ghosts do best when families move into their dwellings.
'THE HITCHER' RIDES ON Because young audiences still need a lesson that it's a bad idea to pick up a stranger.
THE 'HILLS' ARE STILL ALIVE Wes Craven and co. deliver more desert mutant mayhem in 'The Hills Have Eyes 2.'
DR. CYCLOPS Good sick fun with 'Mad Cowgirl'; 'The Gathering' gloomy.
FIRED UP FOR 'GHOST RIDER' Nicolas Cage is Johnny Blaze, the latest supernatural superhero to jump to the screen.
'CHOCOLATE' KISSES Young love can be troubled enough without one of the couple being a werewolf, as in 'Blood and Chocolate.'
'HANNIBAL RISING,' BODIES FALLING The new prequel explores just how young Dr. Lecter developed his taste for people.
WALKING THE 'LABYRINTH' Actor Doug Jones did it in hoofs as he enacted Guillermo del Toro's most memorable monster.
'ALONE' STRANGER If you feel like someone's watching you when no one's there, it might be the villain of 'Alone With Her.'
DVD DUNGEON More 'Godzilla' greatness; she's 'Chainsaw Sally,' hear her roar.
'GHOST' OF A CHANCE Did Lizzie Borden really do it? The 'Ghost Stories EVP' crew takes a whack at the mystery.
NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: 'DIE YOU ZOMBIE BASTARDS!' That rallying cry led plenty of talent to Caleb Emerson's oddball flick.
SAW WINNERS A look behind the movies and madness celebrated at the first televised Chainsaw Awards.
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Fingerman's 'Bottom-feeder' rises to the top; epic 'Terror' from Simmons

Issue 259
January/February 2007

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