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- Fango changed a lot of things when first appeared and remains today the #1 horror movie mag.
- Covers mostly commercial studio releases, without neglecting independent, low budget, films.
- Editor: Anthony Timpone
- Published 10 times a year by Starlog Group, Inc, 84 colour pages in A4 format.
- Resumed publishing in 2018.
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Issue 279
December 2008
"UNBORN" TO BE WILD Under writer/director David S. Goyer, this ain't your typical possession picture.
"EDEN" ALIVE But not for long if you visit a British "Lake" that's swimming with violent youths.
"VALENTINE" IN YOUR FACE If you could pick one '80s slasher to redux in 3-D, why not the mine-set "My Bloody Valentine"?
JUMPSTARTING JASON The masked one enjoys a fresh origin and a new rampage courtesy of the much-anticipated "Friday the 13th" remake.
"DYING" FOR AUSSIE HORROR? Then these Down Under filmmakers and cast have a cannibalistic "Breed" you'll eat up.
CHILLS "FROM WITHIN" A small Christian town is plagued by a population hellbent on offing themselves.
"BR?KEN" PSYCHE Lena Headey from TV's "Terminator" faces a different kind of double trouble in this UK psychothriller.
UNDER THE "AUTOPSY" KNIFE The operating room gets good and bloody when evil medicos play doctor with helpless teens.
"14" IS THE NEW 13 Unlucky for its characters, "Perkins' 14" was a fortunate break for its fans-turned-creators.
NO "COUNTRY" FOR OLD DOGS Werewolves learn new tricks in a "Wild" and bloody shocker from Scotland.
"THE ALPHABET" SCOOP Eliza Dushku is all grown up in this "Killer" flick, and so is its take on murder and madness.
ELEGY Lurking ahead
MONSTER INVASION A new "Wolfman" howls; "Midnight Movie" slays its audience; "Resident Evil" reanimates and animates the dead
DR. CYCLOPS Something to "Shiver" about from Spain; "Conjurer" casts a weak spell
DVD DUNGEON In-depth special features rule this "Domain"; the extras are livelier than "Zombie Diaries"
COMIC SCREAMS "The Dracula War" on terror hits the four-color pages
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Tune in and listen close to Gout's "Ghost Radio"; Bradbury tries on different "Masks"
HORRORCADE "Silent Hill" worth coming home to; "Vampire Rain" clouded by glitches

Issue 278
November 2008

Issue 277
October 2008

Issue 276
September 2008

Issue 275
August 2008
'HELL' OF A FILMMAKER With the battle of 'Hellboy II' completed, Guillermo del Toro looks toward a fantastic future.
'X FILES' X-HUMED Mulder and Scully are back on the case, and we 'Want to Believe' their new movie will justify the revival.
TRAVELS WITH YOUR 'MUMMY' A journey to a new locale means a bigger star in the title role of the adventure/horror franchise.
BAD MAGIC FROM 'WIZARD OF GORE' Harry Potter he's not-his tricks are deadly for his unfortunate volunteers.
FORGOTTEN HORRORS: 'INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS' It was a hive of sex and violence-so how did a man of the cloth become involved?
DONE IN WITH 'MIRRORS' Alexandre ('Hills Have Eyes') Aja tries to break the curse on foreign directors remaking Asian chillers.
BUHLER, ANYONE? He's a rising talent on the fright scene with 'Midnight Meat Train' and 'Insanitarium' coming out.
SEEKING 'ASYLUM' You should think twice before exploring this one, haunted by a very mad and ghostly doctor.
'STUCK' IN THE GENRE? Versatile actor Stephen Rea actually has no problems with venturing into fear fare like Stuart Gordon's latest.
THEY ONCE WERE 'LOST' But now the 'Boys' are found-on the beach-in the long-awaited, direct-to-DVD sequel.
'GENE' SLICING There's a science to the slaughter as someone with 'The Killing Gene' conducts torturous games.
CHILLS IN CHICAGO Frightmeisters old and new blew in for our biggest Windy City convention yet.
ELEGY The fall of New Line
MONSTER INVASION Bashing more bugs with 'Starship Troopers 3'; Charles Band plays on; relationships are murder in 'Baghead'
DR. CYCLOPS Get with the 'Zombies Anonymous' program; double dose of 'Jekyll' dual personalities
HORRORCADE Celebrating the 'Obscure'; 'Baroque' can't be fixed
DVD DUNGEON 'Rogue' is croc full of goodies; yuck it up with 'Brutal Massacre'
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Possession and 'Pandemonium' in Gregory's compelling tale; Hamilton's hot but tired 'Blood'

Issue 274
July 2008
FEAR' OF THE YEAR The masters of horror assault network TV with an all-new butcher's dozen evil episodes.
WHAT'S 'HAPPENING'? Good question, but M. Night Shyamalan has a few hints of what to expect from his very first R-rated film. 'STUCK' IN THE MIDDLE WITH GRUE Truth is stranger than fiction'unless Stuart Gordon is the one turning it into a feature.
THE 'BOY' IS BACK IN TOWN And he's bringing all his old friends to battle new foes in 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army.'
'GIRL' WITH SOMETHING EXTRA She's got a deadly 'Machine' gun hand in this Japanese killfest.
'CHAIR' MEN OF THE GORED A trio of Canadian filmmakers aren't letting a low budget stand in the way of shocking you.
HIS ART OF DARKNESS Whatever kind of screen creature you ask for, Aaron ('Incredible Hulk') Sims can design.
THE NEED FOR SPEEDMAN The 'Underworld' actor has been in demand lately for psycho chillers like 'The Strangers.' A 'GALAXY' SCAR, SCAR AWAY Once upon a time, a Roger Corman crew made space travel fatal with 'Galaxy of Terror.'
ELEGY Summer shrieks
MONSTER INVASION 'Otis' has a date with revenge; 'Lost Boys' bite the comics pages; the myth of multiple 'Organizm'
DR. CYCLOPS 'Botched' gets everything right; French home invasion continues with 'Malefique' and 'Frontier(s)'
HORRORCADE 'Condemned 2' video-game classic status; back inside the 'House of the Dead'
DVD DUNGEON 'Orphanage' well worth visiting; Argento slaughterfests sharper than ever
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Piccirilli hits just the right 'Spot'; Ketchum's talent burns through 'Old Flames'

Issue 273
June 2008
'COTTAGE' INDUSTRY There's nothing quite like the mix of biting horror and black humor that this Brit flick aims for.
MOCKUMENTARY 'MASSACRE' 'Malevolence' maker Stevan Mena explores the 'Brutal' yet lighter side of fear filmmaking.
'KNOCK KNOCK' IS NO JOKE Serious bloodshed results when a maniac targets teens in this New York-lensed indie.
ASIA ARGENTO EXPOSED The actress bares her feelings on 'Mother of Tears' and her other controversial movies.
FORGOTTEN HORRORS: 'RETRIBUTION' Possession was 9/10 of the terror where this unsung late-'80s shocker was concerned.
LAST STOP ON 'THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN' One of Clive Barker's best-ever short stories now becomes one of his grisliest films.
'DEATH NOTE' WORTHY In this Japanese smash, the power to decide who lives and who dies is as simple as a signature.
GROWLING IN 'CLOVERFIELD' Making a giant creature both vιritι and very terrifying was a particular challenge.
SOUTHLAND TERROR TALES A gang of up-and-coming frightmeisters unleash murder and monsters below the Mason-Dixon Line.
VACATION IN 'RUINS' It was no relaxing trip for young actresses Jena Malone and Laura Ramsey. DIMENSION OF FEAR A look back at the B-movie distributor that sent 'Spiders,' 'Dr. Black' and others to the drive-ins.
ELEGY Method acting
MONSTER INVASION Steve Niles turns Batman scary; an ill-fated 'Sιance'; moral terror makes an 'Entrance'
DR. CYCLOPS We see a 'Dead Moon Rising,' and we like it; super 'Nanny'
HORRORCADE 'Devil' is still a hell of a game, but not so the latest 'Turok' and 'Aliens.'
DVD DUNGEON A fascinating look 'Inside' French splatter; 'Trigger Man' has good aim
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY We like Hall's fiction 'Raw'; Farris' 'Fury' fizzles

Issue 272
May 2008

Issue 271
April 2008

Issue 270
March 2008

Issue 269
January/February 2008
'REQUIEM' FOR A TEAM The directing brother act of Colin and Greg Strause kept those tusslin' Aliens and Predator in line.
SUCCESS IS AN 'ORPHANAGE' New Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona crafts the year's best ghost story.
'MISSED' OPPORTUNITY? A French director tries to wring fresh chills from an American redux of Japan's 'One Missed Call.'
WANTED: 'UNDEAD OR ALIVE' If you've been hankerin' for a comedic zombie Western, saddle up for this sagebrush splatterfest.
HIGH NOTES AND SLIT THROATS The demon barber of Broadway comes to the screen as Tim Burton directs Johnny Depp in 'Sweeney Todd.'
'HATCHET' IF YOU CAN Director Adam Green traces the long road his retro slasher pic took to unrated release.
'P' STOP This entry in the Asian horror trend is as much about Thailand's night culture as it is about its spirits.
THE 'TEETH' OF THE MATTER The saga of a girl who's got extra pearly whites in a place where the sun don't shine.
BURBANK BLOODBATH Our last West Coast convention packed in so many guests and fans, it was scary.
NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: MIKE WATT With partner Amy Lynn Best, he proves you can teach old vampires and zombies new tricks.
NO 'SLEEP' FOR THE WICKED On 'The Black Sleep' and other vintage B-pictures, Paul Wurtzel wrangled the genre's biggest stars.
ELEGY Accolades for the Ackermonster
POSTAL ZONE Mixed missives for Michael Myers
MONSTER INVASION Second rounds of 'Boogeyman' and 'White Noise'; undead again in 'Automaton' and 'Darkness'
DR. CYCLOPS Not the same old 'Boy Eats Girl' story; new 'Pumpkinhead' is tired 'Blood'
HORRORCADE They say 'Halo,' we say good buy; 'Zelda' still zesty
DVD DUNGEON A 'Flight' into flesheating fun
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY 'Mister' be another Barker winner; Lucas reveals 'All the Colors' of Mario Bava.

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