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Issue 115
January 1999
New films: The Mask Of Zorro, The Prince of Egypt, Enemy of the State, Rush Hour, What Dreams May Come, Practical Magic, The Parent Trap, Dancing At Lughnasa, Storefront Hitchcock, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), Playing God, The Impostors, The Boys, The Year Of The Horse, Insomnia, The Apple, On Connait La Chanson.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: Existenz, The Thomas Crown Affair, Shakespeare In Love, The Ninth Gate, The General's Daughter, A Civil Action, Ed TV, Arlington Road, American History X, Indiana 4, Sean Connery.
In person: Natascha McElhone, Chris Tucker, Annabella Sciorra, George Clooney.
The Mask Of Zorro: Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins flash their blades.
The 50 greatest movie posters: 1.The Truman Show, 2.Batman, 3.Scandal, 4.Schindler's List, 5.The Silence of the Lambs ....
Practical Magic: Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman cast their spells.
Mansions of the stars: Gaffs you'll never afford and prime unreal estate.
The Prince of Egypt: DreamWorks' Jeffrey Katzenberg plots animated world domination .
Steven Sodenbergh: From Sex, Lies and Videotape to Out of Sight.
Review of 1998: The 50 movies that people talked about in 1998 plus a month by month guide to the movie events.
TV movie hell: A whole week watching, frankly, rubbish.
  Also Charley Boorman, Stacey Keach, Claire Forlani, Matthew Lillard, News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 114
December 1998
New films: Snake Eyes, Out Of Sight, The Negotiator, Blade, Rounders, Antz, Hope Floats, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Twilight, Holy Man, Ronin, The Odd Couple 2, The Players Club, Girlstown, The Fountainhead (1949), The Wisdom Of Crocodiles, My Name Is Joe, Henry Fool, Left Luggage, Slums of Beverly Hills, The Eel, Les Miserables, Victory, Fire, The Knowledge Of Healing, If Only, The Philadelphia Story (1940), Angel Sharks.
Reel life: Films in production, celeb news and pics etc.: 8MM, Very Bad Things, Psycho, Star Trek: Insurrection, Patch Adams, Snow Falling On Cedars, The Talented Mr.Ripley, You've Got Mail, The tabloid hell of Leo DiCaprio, Eyes Wide Shut, Ken Loach, Marcus Nispel.
In person: Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lopez, Claire Danes.
The Negotiator: Kevin Spacey and Samuel Jackson are the cops who talk first and shoot later.
Snake Eyes: Brian De Palma as mean, moody and brilliant as ever.
The 30 worst behaved people in Hollywood: 1.Charlie Sheen, 2.Robert Downey Jr., 3.Christian Slater, 4.Courtney Love, 5.Rob Lowe ....
Terry Gilliam: From Python to Hunter S. Thompson.
Destiny calling: Rare shots of the rich and famous in the grip of obscurity.
Catherine Zeta-Jones: The Mask Of Zorro's Hollywood sensation.
  Also Alessandro Nivola, Gretchen Mol, News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 113
November 1998
New films: The Truman Show, The Exorcist, A Perfect Murder, Deep Rising, Halloween H20, Small Soldiers, Ever After, Mulan, Divorcing Jack, Mercury Rising, Velvet Goldmine, Elizabeth, Still Crazy, Buffalo 66, The Governess, Kissing A Fool, Air Bud, Character, I Want You, Deja Vu, Loved, Funny Games, Rien Ne Va Plus, Safe Men, Kuhle Wampe, Woo, The Disappearance of Finbar, Marquise, A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries, East Side Story, The Proposition.
Profiles: Robin Wright Penn, David Thewlis, Michelle Williams, Christopher Eccleston.
The Truman Show: A profound, moving and intelligent Hollywood movie with Jim Carrey.
Mike Nichols: Primary Colors has a US President embroiled in an embarrassing pants-down scenario.
Small Soldiers: The toys are back in town-and this time they're armed.
The 50 freakiest movies: From Apocalypse Pooh to The Worm Eaters.
The Exorcist: The scariest movie ever made gets a 25th anniversary re-release.
Screenwriting software
Titanic: Empire charts the whole amazing story: from a lightbulb illuminating above James Cameron's head to Titanic's docking at your local video emporium.
  Also Rutger Hauer, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Hans Matheson, News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 112
October 1998
New films: Saving Private Ryan, Lethal Weapon 4, The Avengers, There's Something About Mary, The Last Days of Disco, He Got Game, Species II, The Land Girls, Men With Guns, Cube, Your Friends And Neighbours, Cousin Bette, Secret Defence, The Real Howard Spitz, The Doom Generation, Way Out West (1937), Love is the Devil, La Vie De Jesus, Babymother, Hands.
Profiles: Natasha Henstridge, Ben Stiller, Chloe Sevigny.
There's Something About Mary: Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon - Hollywood's hottest couple - act very oddly in the new comedy from the Dumb And Dumber crew.
Is there a script doctor in the house?: Empire takes a flight of fantasy over those original drafts.
Anna Friel: The Land Girls star is digging for victory.
Classic is as classic does: How to spot a classic movie.
The buying game: The cutthroat world of movie shopping.
Child Stars: It's never too early to start an acting career. The grim history of the kids who wanted fame.
Saving Private Ryan: Steven Spielberg leads Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemone, Edward Burns et al into D-Day hell.
War is swell: The 50 greatest war movies.
  Also Empire's 100 Sexiest Movie Stars of 1998, Michael Caine, Rebecca Pidgeon, Vincenzo Natali, Curtis Armstrong, Dennis Christopher, News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 111
September 1998
New films: Armageddon, The X-Files, The Horse Whisperer, Doctor Dolittle, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, Zero Effect, BASEketball, Metroland, The Nephew, Eve's Bayou, Gang Related, To Have And To Hold, The Spanish Prisoner, Le Bossu, Palmetto, The Life of Stuff, Gadjo Dilo, Majorettes In Space, Mr Nice Guy, The Adventures Of Robin Hood.
Profiles: Kristin Scott-Thomas, Emily Watson, Christian Bale.
Armageddon: The world's about to end, who ya gonna call? 10 pages on the new comet caper.
Die! Video! Die!: Is DVD here to stay or just another flash in the digital pan ?.
The Avengers: A leather catsuit, a pinstripe three piece, and a plot to harness the power of the elements. Uma Thurman, Ralph Fiennes and Sean Connery in the 90s cinematic arrival of the coolest TV series.
Number one fans: How far would you go in worship of your idol? Empire unearths a handful of devotees worthy of the title.
In loving memory: It's always a sad moment when a loved one dies. But what would the papers say when it's a character in a movie?
The producers: No one knows their names, but everyone knows their movies.
The X-Files: The full story behind the film of the world's most famous TV series is revealed.
  Also Vinnie Jones, Kasi Lemmons, Scarlett Johansson, Nick Mora & Jason Statham, News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 110
August 1998
New films: Godzilla, Lost In Space, Six Days Seven Nights, Grease, Sling Blade, The Gingerbread Man, Mad City, Kurt And Courtney, Love and Death On Long Island, Kiss or Kill, The Castle, Life is All You Get, Psycho, The Daytrippers, The Grass Harp, The War At Home, The Little Mermaid, Hana-Bi, Paulie-A Parrot's Tale, Dance Of The Wind, The Thief, Guru In Seven, Touch, La Grande Illusion, Chubby Goes Down Under.
Profiles: Harrison Ford, Embeth Davidtz, Jason Priestley, Nick Broomfield.
Lost In Space: From 60s television series with wobbly sets to 90s sci-fi effects-fest.
Empire dictionary of film jargon: What movie terms really mean.
Cannes: Empire goes to the Freanch seaside and sees some films.
Psycho: The full story of the re-released Hitchcock classic.
Harry Knowles: Ain't It Cool News has dished more dirt on more blockbusters than a busload of Pauline Kaels. Meet the geek who shall inherit the earth.
Godzilla: You 've seen those tantalising trailers, and now the big green one finally comes to town. 12 pages for the big lizard.
  Also Geri Halliwell, Frances O'Conor, Andy Serkis, News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 109
July 1998
New films: Deep Impact, The Wedding Singer, Red Corner, The Replacement Killers, Mimic, The Object of My Affection, The Apostle, City of Angels, Nowhere, Firelight, Point Blank, The General, A Thousand Acres, Dream With The Fishes, The Last Time I Committed Suicide, Savior, Soul Food, Stiff Upper Lips, The Big Swap, Girls' Night, Ponette, Barney's Great Adventure, Dad Savage, Monk Dawson, The Girl With Brains in Her Feet, The Taste of Cherries, The Scarlet Tunic, Journey to the Beginning of the World.
Profiles: Richard Gere, Mira Sorvino, Chow Yun-Fat, Dennis Quaid.
John Boorman: Brit directing legend returns with The General - and the re-released classic Point Blank.
Movie collectors: Empire goes deep undercover in the subterranean world of movie memorabilia mania.
Robert Duvall: The star of the Godfather, Apocalypse Now and this month's The Apostle.
The '80s revisited: Starts with The Wedding Singer and continues over nine pages of nostalgia.
Hot 1998: Sexy photos and wise words of the hottest new young talent in Hollywood-and beyond-headed up by Matt LeBlanc, with Denise Richards, Matt Damon, Neve Campbell, Heather Graham, Ben Affleck and more.
  Also Sir Peter Ustinov, Bai Ling, Joanna Ward, David Moscow, Daniel Peacock, News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 108
June 1998
New films: Scream 2, Blues Brothers 2000, Wild Things, Sliding Doors, Liar, Martha-Meet Frank, Daniel And Laurence, Dark City, Lolita, Afterglow, Mr Magoo, Wishmaster, The Man Who Knew Too Little, The Real Blonde, Hurricane Streets, Live Flesh, The James Gang, Amy Foster, Shall We Dance?, Star Kid, Washington Square, Something To Believe In, The Hanging Garden, Wildman Blues, Western, My Son The Fanatic, Gravesend, Animal Farm, Breakdown, Deep Impact, Guy.
Profiles: John Hannah, Dominique Swain, Liev Schreiber.
Blues Brothers 2000: Black suits, shades and harmonicas are back. With John Landis rounds up most of the usual suspects.
Celluloid life: The seven ages of man as seen through the movie camera lens.
Don Simpson: The shocking life and death story of the Top Gun producer.
John Barry: Britain's top scorer reveals a few tricks of the trade.
Deep Impact: Director Mimi Leder has just two hours to save the earth from meteorite destruction.
The 20 hottest movies to see this summer: Godzilla, Lost in Space, The Avengers, X-Files: The Movie, Saving Private Ryan, Lethal Weapon 4, Six Days Seven Nights, Out of Sight, Dr Dolittle, Mercury Rising, Primary Colors, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Wedding Singer, Velvet Goldmine, The Gingerbread, The Replacement Killers, Species 2, The Horse Whisperer, City of Angels, Mimic and more.
  Also a free summer blockbuster preview videotape, Dan Aykroyd, Monica Potter, Catherine Keener, Rachel Griffiths, Masayuki Suo, Molly Ringwald, Pete Walker, News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 107
May 1998
New films: The Big Lebowski, Primary Colors, U-Turn, US Marshals, Deconstructing Harry, Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil, Oscar And Lucinda, Mouse Hunt, Kundum, Ulee's Gold, Great Expectations, Gummo, Telling Lies In America, Money Talks, Most Wanted, Junk Mail, Happy Together, Love Etc., Different For Girls, Twilight of the Ice Nymphs, Salut Cousin!, Killer Tongue, Out of the Past, The River.
Profiles: Jeff Bridges, Rachel Weisz, Oliver Stone.
Woody Allen: Still funny after all these years....Woody on the internet: "I couldn't even tell you exactly what it is...I don't own a computer...Sometimes I think, I must find out what this is all about, but I never carry through with it".
Titanic: How a budget-busting $200 million headache became the biggest box office hit of all time...
Martin Scorsese: From the mean streets of New York to the foothills of the Himalayas.
Embarrassing the favourites: Readers own up to the turkeys they can't live without.
Scary movies special: Top 50: 1.The Shining, 2.The Exorcist, 3.Jaws, 4.Halloween, 5.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 6...
Scream 2: Wes Craven takes Courtney Cox and crew back to the scene of post modern terror.
  Also the Coen brothers, the Empire Awards 98, Godzilla, Cate Blanchett, Adrian Lester, Ernie Hudson, Matt Frewer, News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 106
April 1998
New films: Jackie Brown, Sphere, The Boxer, Good Will Hunting, Kiss The Girls, As Good As It Gets, Wag the Dog, The Man In the Iron Mask, Fallen, Gattaca, Anastasia, Best Men, TwentyFourSeven, Un Air De Famille, Les Voleurs, Bent, Mrs Dalloway, Mother And Son, Rothschild's Violin.
Profiles: Ethan Hawke, Alison Eastwood, Mick Jagger, Denzel Washington.
The Man In The Iron Mask: On the set with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeremy Irons, swashes, buckles and black velvet eye goggles....
Eyes Wide Shut: Empire goes deep undercover to learn the secrets of Stanley Kubrick's Tom Cruise starrer.
The Oscars previewed: The runners and riders in this year's back-slapping fest.
Sphere: Sharon Stone, Dustin Hoffman and Samuel L. Jackson have a close encounter at the bottom of a Michael Crichton ocean.
The A-Z of cult celluloid: The weirdo movies most likely to wake up with a crowd around them.
Quentin Tarantino: Directing his first film since Pulp Fiction, the Quentmeister returns with Jackie Brown.
  Also Michael Keaton, In production, Natascha McElhone, Shane Meadows, News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 105
March 1998
New films: Amistad, The Postman, The Rainmaker, Flubber, Breakdown, Hard Rain, The Edge, The Ice Storm, The Butcher Boy, Desperate Measures, Traveller, In the Company of Men, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Paws, Downtime, The Ugly, The Blackout, Good Burger, The Woodlanders, Prisoner of the Mountains, Clubbed to Death, Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan-Super Masochist, This is the Sea, Fairytale-ATrue Story, La Maman Et Le Putain.
Profiles: Joan Allen, Matthew Modine, Kathleen Quinlan, Paul McGann.
Morgan Freeman: One of the five top finest actors of his generation.
Amistad: Spielberg's last word on the slave story.
Ashley Judd: Hollywood's next superstar.
Francis Ford Coppola: Visionary mogul, wine maker.
Steven Spielberg: Empire's tribute to the director of Jaws, Close Encounters, Raiders, ET, Jurassic Park etc.
  Also Kurt Russell, Lolita, Patrick Stewart, Chris Farley, Olivia Williams, Aaron Eckhart, Tobey Maguire, Claudia Schiffer, News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

Issue 104
February 1998
New films: Titanic, Starship Troopers, Boogie Nights, The Jackal, Devil's Advocate, Tomorrow Never Dies, Picture Perfect, Spiceworld The Movie, In and Out, The Winter Guest, The Wings of the Dove, The End of Violence, Das Boot: The Director's Cut, Kissed, Lucie Aubrac, Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis, The Winner, Resurrection Man, Pretty Village-Pretty Flame, Devil's Island, Stella Does Tricks, Up 'n' Under, Kitchen, I Went Down, Written on the Wind, The Battleship Potemkin.
Profiles: Charlize Theron, Heather Graham, Diane Venora.
Devil's Advocate: Keanu Reeves plays a hotshot lawyer, Al Pacino plays Satan...
Boogie Nights: Mark Wahlberg sheds his kit and his old image to star in a 70s porn story.
Starship Troopers: Paul Verhoeven's effects-laden-sci-fi alien gorefest.
Emote control: Acting lessons for the young and hopefull-LA style.
Titanic: The most expensive movie ever made sails into the cinemas.
1998 preview: What's coming your way at the cinema over the next 12 months.
  Also Neil Morrissey, Alison Elliott, Stuart Townsend, Lois Maxwell, Paul Darrow, News, Video, TV, Books, Multimedia, Music and more.

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