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Issue 283
January 2013
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Issue 282
December 2012
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Return To Middle-earth Part One
Peter Jackson and his team talk us through the story so far, the making of The Hobbit and how it felt to return to Tolkien's world.
Ian McKellen
Returning as Gandalf, Ian McKellen sits down to chat iPad difficulties, hanging with Stephen Hawking, his wizard buddy Radagast and much more, alongside an exclusive photo shoot.
The Characters
With a sprawling cast, you might have had trouble figuring out who's who and what's what in The Hobbit - but not with our handy character guide! You're welcome, world!
The Dwarves
There are 13 dwarves in Thorin's band, so here we profile each one individually so you can separate the Oris from the Noris and the Oins from the Gloins. Warning: contains some serious facial hair.
The Locations
Wondering what's left to explore in Middle-earth after the epic journey of Lord Of The Rings? Well here's your official guide book, with exclusive pictures of the pit-stops on Bilbo's route.
J.R.R. Tolkien
It's all very well talking about the making of the film of The Hobbit - but here we look at how JRR Tolkien wrote the book, and the earlier attempts to adapt it in myriad forms. We even look at the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins!
Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett is the only major female star returning to the Rings world, so we figured that this was a good time to catch up with the Oscar winner about her career to date and her love of Elf ears.
Peter Jackson
How has New Zealand's biggest export changed over the years? We talk to collaborators old and new to bring you a complete oral history of Peter Jackson's career so far.
James Mangold talks Wolverine in this month's Slate, while we also look at the chances of River Phoenix's last film finally seeing the light of day, Werner Herzog faces the Pint Of Milk challenge and much more.
On Location
Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer kick things off this month with a trek through the desert for The Lone Ranger, while Mark Wahlberg finds a Broken City and Paul Rudd learns that This Is 40.
In Cinemas
We give Argo very little aggro, master The Master, take a view on Sightseers and much more in this jam-packed reviews section.
The Amazing Spider-Man kicks things off with a triple-back-flip (probably), but this month we also look at Men In Black 3, Singin In The Rain, E.T. and much more.

Issue 281
November 2012
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview
Our James went to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger and grilled the former Governor on Terminator, Predator, Commando and the rest of his extraordinary career - from his earliest days as a muscle builder to his upcoming return to the screen.
Working With Arnie
Where did Arnie get those one-liners? What were his most-used weapons? What does he have coming up now he's back? And what do other action stars really think of the Austrian Oak? Find it all out this month.
Exploring Predator
One of the greatest action movies of the '80s, we dissect the Predator step-by-step to explain what happened, where, to whom and why. Warning: may contain a mini-gun pointlessly firing into a jungle, homoerotic undertones.
Survining Commondo
The most OTT Arnie movie ever and a firm fan favourite, we go minute-by-minute through Commando to chart its excesses in full. And if you're the original Bennett, please get in touch.
Arnie Killed Me
How does it feel to be killed by Arnold Schwarzenegger onscreen? We asked the people who know: the brave heroes, villains and goons who were summarily dispatched by Arnie in his screen career. Essential reading just for the Miriam Margoyles quotes.
Elliott Gould
While a generation knows him best as Monica's Dad from Friends, they're missing out. Elliott Gould's back onscreens in Ruby Sparks, and we sat down with him to talk over a 50-year career.
On Location
Crime may not pay but it sure looks cool this month, as we report from the sets of Welcome To The Punch and Seven Psychopaths. We also have Byzantium's vampires and festival favourite Zeytoun to round out the line-up.
The Slate
We investigate the new Jack Ryan and the new Carrie, pay tribute to Tony Scott and Michael Clarke Duncan and check out the new Terrence Malick. We also ask Chris O'Dowd about Pints of Milk and much more.
The Master
A new Paul Thomas Anderson film is always something to look forward to, and The Master looks like the There Will Be Blood director is on blistering form. Our Damon Wise sat down with him to get the full story.
Room 237
Stanley Kubrick's The Shining has sparked more elaborate conspiracy theories than the JFK assassination, and new documentary Room 237 explores the most compelling of the lot. Ian Nathan got the full story on this brilliant film-on-film.
In Cinemas
Tim Burton's stop-motion horror tribute Frankenweenie kicks things off, while we salute three new 5-star movies Beasts Of The Southern Wild, Holy Motors and Room 237. Also: surprisingly strong teen comedies, indie road movies and Taken 2. Brace yourselves.
Indiana Jones is out on Blu-ray, Once Upon A Time In The West gets the Masterpiece treatment, Girls leads our TV section and we get scared by Universal's Monsters collections and a new Hitchcock box set. OooOOOoooooh!

Issue 280
October 2012
Winter Preview: Skyfall
He dived out of a helicopter with the Queen to open the Olympics but the real work is still ahead for James Bond. We talked to the entire cast and crew of Skyfall to find a few clues on the plot, some hints about the action and a good lead on what Q and M will be doing this time...
Winter Preview: Reacher
Lee Child is the author behind none-more-hard man Jack Reacher, who finally reaches the screen this year with Christopher McQuarrie directing and Tom Cruise starring as the ex-MP himself. We talked to Child, the real Reacher, about the character's origins and where he's headed.
Winter Preview: Django
This month we talked to Django himself, Jamie Foxx, about his iconic cowboy character, and learned that he dresses like Little Lord Fauntleroy, isn't necessarily a religious man and thinks before he speaks. That aside, expect some dark moments in Tarantino's Southern Western.
Rounding out our Winter Preview, we take a quick glance at The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, don night-vision goggles for Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty, brace for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, nod respectfully to Lincoln and reanimate Frankenweenie. These, and much more, in the only preview you need.
Winter TV Preview
In addition to talking to The Doctor himself, we have also previewed the best of the rest of winter's TV, from current favourites like The Walking Dead, Homeland and Game Of Thrones to new shows like Moone Boy, Revolution and H+. Line up your viewing schedule with this special look ahead.
Matt Smith
Time Lords: they're cool. Just like bowties, fezes and cowboy hats. That's especially true in the case of Matt Smith, the current Doctor and the one who has seen the show go nuclear and finally, really and truly, break America. Here he talks fame, aliens and how "ridiculous and brilliant" it all is.
On Location
Guillermo del Toro's giant monsters vs. giant robots movie Pacific Rim kicks things off in On Location this month, but we also globetrotted to Ireland to see alcohol-averse aliens; to Spain for natural disasters and to New Zealand for the end of World War II.
The Slate
Stallone and Schwarzenegger kick off the Slate section this month, but this section is not just about action icons: it runs the gamut. We also explain who the heck the Guardians Of The Galaxy are, what's happening with Aronofsky's Noah, who Andy Samberg would like to kill, and much more.
Slate: Summer Infographics
You know what you need in life? This summer's films in numbers. So how many other hits would you need to equal the Avengers' box-office gross? How dark is The Dark Knight Rises really? And what's the deal with Prometheus' evolution? The answers are all here...
Killing Them Softly
Brad Pitt's back with Andrew Dominik, his director on the marvellous The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, for crime drama Killing Them Softly. Based on the book Cogan's Trade, expect a slicked-back, pared-down thriller that doesn't pull punches or bullets, as Pitt and Dominik explain in this month's issue.
Ray Liotta
One of the stars of Killing Them Softly, Ray Liotta's been a Hollywood staple for nearly 3 decades now. While all his roles may not be as impressive as his electrifying turn in GoodFellas, there are enough highs in there to easily balance out Operation Dumbo Drop. We talked to him in LA to get the story so far.
He's 100 years old and has appeared in an astonishing 89 films, and Tarzan's set to swing once again in animated form next year. So what made him so popular for such a long stretch? And why did Edgar Rice Burroughs' wild man disappear for so long? And what can we expect now he's on his way back? Owen Williams examines the story so far.
In Cinemas
It's an insanely packed In Cinemas section this month, led by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis facing off in Looper and delivering a law-and-order triple bill thanks to Lawless, The Sweeney and Dredd. You might also want to find out which film earns the tagline "50 Shades Of Grey Hair".
The year's biggest film (unless The Hobbit can topple it) leads the Re-View section this month, with the Avengers Assembling all over the joint. We also look at The Raid, Bond's 50 year box set, masterpiece The Leopard and classics Lawrence of Arabia and The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp. You'll never leave the house again.

Issue 279
September 2012
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The Hobbit
You wait ages for a Hobbit movie and then two come along at once. As Peter Jackson's latest Middle-Earth opus inches ever closer, we talked to the two stars at the heart of its pivotal Riddles in the Dark scene, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis, to get their take on the Unexpected Journey.
It's the biggest British indie movie ever made, and it's looking as bloody, violent and uncompromising as one could wish from a Judge Dredd film. We got the skinny from all the filmmakers about what went on, those editing-nightmare rumours and why we can soon expect Three Colours Dredd.
Taken 2
Liam Neeson has a particular set of skills, but as it turns out "being the hardest man in the world" is only secondary to "giving a fascinating interview on his hard-boiled sequel". Which is just as well, really, as our Chris was worried that he'd be hunted down if he asked the wrong question...
Oliver Stone
We take a two-pronged approach to Oliver Stone this month, ahead of his latest film, Savages. First, we sit down with the man himself to get his thoughts on his latest film and his career to date. Then, we quiz his collaborators from four decades to learn what it's like working with one of Hollywood's most mercurial talents.
The Sweeney
Start practicing your Cockney because legendary tough-cop series The Sweeney is headed to the big screen, and Ray Winstone is leading the way. Our Mark Dinning headed down to talk to director Nick Love on why this is a brand new dawn, as well as Winstone and co-star Ben "Plan B" Drew on playing such bad-boy cops.
Frankenweenie & Paranorman
Two animated films about kids dealing with the undead - so sue us, we covered them side-by-side. But there's still much to distinguish Frankenweenie and ParaNorman. One comes from crazy-haired auteur Tim Burton; the other from the stop-motion animation geniuses at Laika. Read all about them, and get excited for both.
Keira Knightley
She burst onto the scene as an almost fully-formed star, but has been working like the dickens ever since to push her boundaries and hone her skills. Ahead of her turn in Anna Karenina, we talk to Blighty's finest about working with Joe Wright again and what's up next...
Clive Barker's Nightbreed
Clive Barker's Nightbreed was an infamous flop on release, a film that alienated both horror fans and critics. But it was a corrupted fragment of the director's original cut, which has only recently emerged thanks to a fan campaign lasting decades. We got the full story on what went wrong - and how a select few have been trying to put it right...
On Location
Wondering what Thor did next? Wonder no longer, because we have an exclusive report from the set of Ron Howard's Rush, the Formula 1 drama starring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl. Also in On Location this month, we look at Riddick, Ruby Sparks, Les Miserables and Mud. On Location: brought to you by the letters R and M.
Everyone who's anyone is in Slate this month. We look at Christian Bale's collaboration with Zhang Yimou, the start of filming on Mad Max: Fury Road, get the low-down from John Moore on Die Hard 5, learn more about Argo and 50 Shades Of Grey, investigate how often Matthew McConaughey takes his shirt off and ask Jackie Chan about a Pint of Milk. It's all here!
In Cinemas
Ted kicks things off in cinemas this month, with Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and, er, a cuddly toy entertaining us mightily. Then we take a good long look at Pixar's Brave, and enjoy a Christian Bale double-bill between our meaty four-page Dark Knight Rises review and a look at The Flowers Of War. These and much more in cinemas this month!
The Hunger Games leads Re-View this month as the dystopian teen thriller hits DVD and Blu-ray. But we also take a peek at Marley, Headhunters, the Jaws Blu-ray release and much more. The Masterpiece is Billy Wilder's The Apartment, and Hans Zimmer talks us through the Dark Knight Rises score.

Issue 278
August 2012
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Issue 277
July 2012
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Issue 276
June 2012
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Issue 275
May 2012

Issue 274
April 2012
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Issue 273
March 2012
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Issue 272
February 2012
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